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Measuring social media: Benchmarking an individual Twitter timeline.


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Presented at the AMSRS Conference in Sydney in 2011

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Measuring social media: Benchmarking an individual Twitter timeline.

  1. 1. Measuring social media Benchmarking an individual Twitter timeline. @stephendann Senior Lecturer Speaker Company ($)
  2. 2. For those following along in the audience… <ul><li>Hashtag: #AMSRS2011 </li></ul><ul><li>Follow: @amsrs </li></ul><ul><li>Ask me a question via @stephendann </li></ul>
  3. 3. Measuring an individual timeline Understanding the story you’ve been telling over time
  4. 4. Twitter in Six Easy Boxes 11,000 manually coded tweets later…
  5. 5. Conversational
  6. 6. Conversational: Action Presenting at the AMSRS conference hosted by @amsrs_au
  7. 7. Conversational: Query Anyone here at AMSRS on Twitter?
  8. 8. Conversational: Referral @drstephendann AMSRS conference site
  9. 9. Conversational: Response @drstephendann: Aren’t you supposed to be presenting and not livetweeting?
  10. 10. News Events
  11. 11. News Events: Announcement Launcing a Post tweet intervention at the conference drinks tonight.
  12. 12. News Events: Hashtagged Event #amsrs2011 Watching presentation on social media metrics
  13. 13. News Events: Headlines Speaker announces new twitter method. Details forthcoming.
  14. 14. News Events: Sport Half time update: South Sydney 22: Bulldogs 18
  15. 15. News Events: Natural disaster Flooding rains in one part of Australia wreck other part of Australia a week later
  16. 16. News Events: Transport #sydtraffic Stuck in Darlinghurst Rd parking lot.
  17. 17. News Events: Weather Lightning and thunder over Penrith, no rain yet
  18. 18. Pass along
  19. 19. Pass along: Automated Endorsement At AMSRS (@ Hilton Sydney with n+1 other people)
  20. 20. Pass along: Endorsement Check out the program on the AMSRS Website -
  21. 21. Pass along: Retweet RT @amsrs: The 2011 conference website is now up and running and registrations are now open #AMSRS2011 visit to book!
  22. 22. Pass along: Secondary Social Media New photos from AMSRS upload ( http:// fb . me / )
  23. 23. Pass along: User generated content Conference lobby Day 1:
  24. 24. Phatic
  25. 25. Phatic: Broadcast Turns out I can spell ubiquitous, I just can't spell it consistently, because that's a different word.
  26. 26. Phatic: Fourth wall Note to self: Less PowerPoint slides next time
  27. 27. Phatic: Greetings And a big hello to everyone still awake in the back row!
  28. 28. Phatic: Unclassifiable Asdfa;’fjasdcv
  29. 29. Status
  30. 30. Status: Activity onstage, presenting at AMSRS on Twitter
  31. 31. Status: Automated Now playing “ Short Stack - Drop Dead Gorgeous” in Winamp.
  32. 32. Status: Location Currently at the Hilton Hotel.
  33. 33. Status: Mechanical Clearing paper jams on a photocopier should not be a spectator sport.
  34. 34. Status: Personal I’m rather pleased how this all came together on the day.
  35. 35. Status: Physical Feeling the cold down here in pre-grand final Sydney
  36. 36. Status: Temporal Only six minutes 22 seconds left in the presentation!
  37. 37. Status: Work Working back late tonight to finalise the Twitter research presentation
  38. 38. Spam: Really try not to be in this category.
  39. 39. If that feels strangely like a trip down a rabbit hole…
  40. 40. The question becomes, what can we do with the categories?
  41. 41. Track the story that’s been told Queensland Floods Case Study
  42. 42. Understand what the audience talks about #Conference Hashtag
  43. 43. Look towards what we can say Each category is a description of how it can be used
  44. 44. Beat Writer’s Twitter Block There are 28 different things you can talk about.
  45. 46. Thank you @stephendann | [email_address]