Mapping, planning, measuring


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Presentation to for PRIA Professional Development titled "Mapping, Planning and Measuring the Conversation".

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Mapping, planning, measuring

  1. 1. ACT Mapping, Planning and Measuring Conversation The Twitter (Plus Others) Case Study June 2012 Dr Stephen Dann | @stephendann @stephendann
  2. 2. First, the house rulesFire up the technology Laptops open… tablets to hand… atomic batteries to power… smartphones to speed… #priapdp – today’s official hashtag @stephendann
  3. 3. Who am I? ANU Senior Lecturer If it’s marketing, I teach it* ANZMAC Webmaster Author eMarketing (2010), Palgrave UK Geek Brony, Nerf Player, Internet Addict* Nine different subject areas so far @stephendann
  4. 4. Where am I? (HTML, Web1.0) (Archive on a blog) @stephendann
  5. 5. What I do with the internetWrite books about eMarketing An excuse to buy an Xbox, iPad, Wii, and play Facebook games as homeworkPublish research Twitter Paper (2010)Educate Classroom blogs, classroom twitter accounts @stephendann
  6. 6. What I do with the InternetTwitter @stephendann Personal account. Opinions, whims and friends @drstephendann Conference Play by Play commentator @mktg3024 Between class lecture theatre / tutorial room @anzmac Text based megaphone. Tweeting Since: 13/3/2007 (5 years, 3 months, 11 days) @stephendann
  7. 7. Phase 1MAPPING @stephendann
  8. 8. So where does social media fit into the game plan? @stephendann
  9. 9. Where does social media fit?Those who were at Othersthe Twitter session… On your own answer Throw me a suggestion cards via @stephendann We’ll do the voice Don’t forget the #priapdp hashtag thing in a moment… @stephendann
  10. 10. Finding the fitSales lead generation? Talkback radio?Market Research? Text based telephone?Two way radio? Pretending to be a cat?News ticker? Information hydration?Conversations? Pretending to be PM? @stephendann
  11. 11. With that in mind…Time for me to hold the stage for a moment @stephendann
  12. 12. Twitter Content Classification Project started in 2009, and is ongoing… 12000+ tweets coded… Peer reviewed and published • Academy of Marketing Science for the method • ANZMAC for the categories • First Monday as an open source methodology • Social Marketing in Public Health for the application • AMSRS conference for the measurement @stephendann
  13. 13. Why Twitter?This started as a rebutal to the Pear Analytics “Mostly Babble” statement about twitter.Twitter data is really easy to download Or I’m good at getting hold of Twitter dataI like Twitter. @stephendann
  14. 14. What it was…A measurement system to track how people used their accounts 1. Acquire the timeline 2. Count the tweets (n) 3. Divide the tweets into one of six categories 4. Within those six categories, further subdivide into the specialist categories. 5. Calculate the % of tweets for each of the 28 possible options 6. Produce a scorecard. @stephendann
  15. 15. What it’s becomeCategories of conversation measure the output and Guide the outputNot limited to Twitter Just founded and grounded there. @stephendann
  16. 16. Phase 2PLANNING:THE CATEGORIES @stephendann
  17. 17. The Categories ConversationalSpam News EventsStatus Pass Along Phatic @stephendann
  18. 18. ConversationalTalking with the customer• Action • Activities involving other users • Group check in Conversational• Query • Questions, question marks or polls• Referral • An @response/reply/wall post which contains URLs or recommendation of other users.• Response • Catch-all classification for conversation @tweets • Replies in any social media context @stephendann
  19. 19. News Events: Telling the story • Announcement • Announcement of a forthcoming event • Hashtagged News Events • Participation in a live #tagged event • Headlines • personal eye-witness accounts of news events • Citizen journalism • Sport • Identifiable results of sporting events • Discussion of live sport from an event @stephendann
  20. 20. News Events: Telling the story • Natural Disaster • personal eye-witness of catastrophic weather events • Citizen weather bureau News Events • Transport • Roads, rail, public transport or flights • Weather • Report of prevailing weather conditions • Not just small talk @stephendann
  21. 21. Pass along: Share and share-alike • Automated Endorsement • Software triggered events Pass Along • Endorsement • links to content of interest • Secondary Social Media • Link from one service to another • User generated content • Links to own contentLoad out @stephendann
  22. 22. Phatic• Broadcast • Statements of opinion Phatic• Fourth wall • comments made directly to camera• Greetings • connections with the audience• Unclassifiable • Cat + keyboard = asfab w4 @stephendann
  23. 23. Status• Activity • answering “What are you doing now?” Status• Automated • triggered by third party applications• Location • answering “Where are you?”• Mechanical • any form of technology or mechanical systems Complaining about MS Word counts as mechanical @stephendann
  24. 24. Status• Personal • Answering “What are you feeling?” Status• Physical • Answering “What are you physically experiencing?”• Temporal • Answering “when are you?”• Work • Anything that relates to work. Why do people never get promoted for tweeting about work? @stephendann
  25. 25. SpamReally try not to be in this category. @stephendann
  26. 26. Spam• Administered Malcontent • Links to malware• Keyword response • Automated context free responses to keywords• Illegal Tweet Use • Nike gets red carded in the UK @stephendann
  27. 27. Spam• Trend hijacking • One or more #hashtags of trending events in a tweet unrelated to the trend• Mention • Replies using the @ command from accounts which do not follow the user, and which only post replies• Truthiness • Astroturfing message originating from an automated account @stephendann
  28. 28. Back to that note on your cards @stephendann
  29. 29. Conversational @stephendannSpam News Events @drstephendann @mktg3024Status Pass Along @anzmac Phatic @stephendann
  30. 30. Conversational @stephendannSpam News Events @drstephendann @mktg3024Status Pass Along @anzmac Phatic @stephendann
  31. 31. Conversational @stephendannSpam News Events @drstephendann @mktg3024Status Pass Along @anzmac Phatic @stephendann
  32. 32. ImplementingNo battle plan survives contact with the enemy @stephendann
  33. 33. Kit out for Pass Along content • If this, then that • Buffer • Houtsuite • Crowdbooster • Instagram • Twylah • Wordpress (WP to Twitter) @stephendann
  34. 34. MeasurementYou may guess where some of this is going @stephendann
  35. 35. What type of data?Words or Numbers? Words help track the best performing contentFrom Hubspot• Type • (pick a category box)• Format • text, image, video, file, link, tweet• Positioning • headline or an interesting line? • ask a question or state a fact? @stephendann
  36. 36. Defining the length of n+string Numbers Words • Klout • Storify Logarithmic scorecard • Captures the moments • Kred • Archive software Complicated score • TwapperKeeper* • Archivist • TwentyFeet • Twitter to PDF Performance Dashboard • Axel Bruns • Genius researcher @ QUT* Part of Hootsuite @stephendann
  37. 37. Results - @stephendann @stephendann
  38. 38. Conversational Category N % ExemplarAction 77 3% *waves at @USERNAME*Pass-along 66 2% @USERNAME Items under $1000 are exempt. 480 17% Invading Germany from France. Whos with me?Response 850 30% @USERNAME Beware the polar bears. Word Words/ Dictionary Category N % >6 letters Linguistic Inquiry Results Count Sentence Words Action 77 3% 958 14.74 23.80 67.75 Conjunctions, Inhibition, Inclusive Biological processes Pass-along 66 2% 1020 18.89 21.86 54.31 OtherP, Period Query 480 17% 7032 10.13 21.22 75.33 Impersonal pronouns, Auxiliary verbs, Tentative, Discrepancy, QMark Response 850 30% 13637 17.05 21.97 73.84 3rd pers plural @stephendann
  39. 39. Conversational action 5% pass-along 4% query 33% response 58% @stephendann
  40. 40. Questions? @stephendann
  41. 41. Hashtags Used to associate a tweet with a topic • Self categorization technique Put the # symbol in front of a word or phrase #melbquake #priapdp #teambieber Came to Twitter as a user innovation based on use in other internet services<- Back @stephendann