Facebook Partner Sponsored Stories


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Facebook Partner Sponsored Stories

  1. 1. Partner sponsored stories: Guide to Page-to-Page likes Facebook partner sponsored stories Guide to setting up Page-to-Page likesFacebook connects people and their friends to the things they care about. Facebook alsoconnects businesses by enabling them to like each other’s Pages. With partner sponsoredstories, these Page-to-Page likes become even more valuable, bringing partnerships fromthe offline world to the online world.The value of partner sponsored storiesWhen two Pages like each other and run partner sponsored stories, they can target each others’ fans andshow people that their Pages like each other in the social context of the unit.For example, if your brand endorses a celebrity, you can now represent that connection on Facebook.When fans of the celebrity’s Page see your partner sponsored story, it will include the celebrity’s name andprofile photo.This offers three key benefits: 1. Increased reach for your sponsored stories, which are more relevant to people than ads that they have no connection to 2. Extending the value of your partnerships with other businesses and public figures 3. Potential increases in brand association and purchase intentNot sure if partner sponsored stories are right for you? There are many use cases, such as: Brands can use them to reach fans of an athlete or celebrity endorser Companies can use them to cross promote brands Retailers and brands can use them for co-marketing Brands can use them for sponsorships related to events, venues, teams and media, like television shows© 2012 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 1
  2. 2. Partner sponsored stories: Guide to Page-to-Page likesTraditional vs partner sponsored storiesTraditional sponsored stories Partner sponsored storiesTraditional sponsored stories show people that Similarly, partner sponsored stories show peopletheir friends are connected to or interacting with that the Pages they like are connected to a specifica specific Facebook Page or application. Facebook Page. Joyce’s friends see her in a sponsored Jasper’s Market’s fans see the business story from Bob the Baker. in a partner sponsored story from Bob the Baker (Joyce’s friends still see her as well).How partner sponsored stories workAs with everything for marketers on Facebook, it starts with the Page. In order to take advantage of partnersponsored stories, an admin of a business’s Page must like a partner’s Page, and vice versa. You can findstep-by-step instructions for how to do this on the pages that follow.Only Pages that mutually like each other can run partner sponsored stories. That means Pages have fullcontrol over which partner Pages are eligible to appear in social context for their sponsored stories andvice versa.Partner sponsored stories are currently available via insertion order only, so reach out to your accountteam to get started.© 2012 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 2
  3. 3. Partner sponsored stories: Guide to Page-to-Page likesHow to like a partner’s Page 1. Page Administration Login First, login as admin of the Page you manage. 2. Locate Partner’s Page Type the name of the partner Page you want to like in the search bar. 3. Locate the Like button on Partner’s Page When you click through to the Page you will see the following. Note that you are still logged in as admin of your Page and the like button on your partner’s Page has not been checked. If the button is checked, then your Page has already liked your partner’s Page (another admin may have already liked the Page).© 2012 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 3
  4. 4. Partner sponsored stories: Guide to Page-to-Page likes 4. Click the Like button The button changes to appear checked and now reads Liked. 5. Confirm your Like When you return to your Page, you will see that your like of your partner’s Page now appears on your Page. 6. Ensure partner’s Page follows same steps Your partner Page should follow the same process to like you back.© 2012 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 4