Facebook casestudy for Coastal.com


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Coastal.com: Online eyewear company sees 3X normal conversion rate on its first-pair-free deal after using Offers and supporting it with ads and sponsored stories.

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Facebook casestudy for Coastal.com

  1. 1. Case Study | ROI/Sales Results Nearly 20,000 redemptions for the free glasses offer. 3X increase in first-pair-free on-site conversions during the campaign. 433,000+ claims of the offer, with 74% of them coming from friends of The online eyewear company sees a 3X increase in fans, suggesting that Coastal.com was truly reaching new customers conversions for its first-pair-free promotion after running an Offer on Facebook and supporting it Largest conversion day was launch day supported by Premium Ads with Facebook Ads. and Marketplace Ads 12,264 shares of the Offer Goals Coastal.com wanted to raise awareness of its extensive collection of designer prescription eyeglasses on Facebook “We were excited to be a part of the market trial for this new as a way to: Facebook product; and we were even happier when we saw Inform potential customers about its online store, which the results. With Facebook Offers we were able to expand offers designer eyewear at more affordable prices than our fan base, increase engagement with our existing fans brick-and-mortar stores. and get a healthy return on our investment.” Convert potential customers into actual customers with an enticing offer. Curtis Petersen, VP Advertising, Coastal.com Gain new fans of its Facebook Page in order to build an audience of people who want to stay updated on Coastal. com promotions, contests and new products. ApproachPages Coastal.com decided to make its Facebook Page, where it had more than 500,000 fans, the hub of its campaign. The brand uses the Page to update fans on a daily basis about new products, contests, fun photos—“don’t get caught in last year’s glasses!”—and special offers. Coastal.com ran a Facebook Offer, which was a free pair of eyeglasses including lenses, available to all customers. The brand created the Offer, which appeared as Page post containing a link to the Coastal.com site where Coastal.com Page people could browse the selection to order the eligible models. Once they claimed the Offer on Facebook, people re- ceived an email with the promo code FBFREE and a link to the Offer. People could share the Offer with their friends on Face- book once they had claimed it.Ads To raise awareness of the offer, Coastal.com used Premium Offer Sponsored Story Facebook Ads and sponsored stories driving to its ecommerce site featuring the eligible glasses: One campaign featured a Premium Page post that described the Offer, targeting fans of the Coastal.com Coastal.com was founded by Roger Hardy in 2000, with a mission Page. The ad displayed on the right-hand side of user’s to save the world from overpriced eyewear. Today, Coastal. homepages and in their news feed on desktop and on com has become the largest online retailer of contact lenses mobile for maximum impact. and eyeglasses, by offering consumers an online alternative for Another campaign included running the same Premium purchasing eyewear. The Coastal.com website sells the same Page post, but targeted to friends of fans. designer eyeglasses and brand name contacts that customers are Coastal.com also ran sponsored stories that displayed in accustomed to purchasing from brick-and-mortar stores, but for the right-hand side of user’s homepages and in the news half the price. feed of friends of people who had claimed the Offer: “Meg Sloan claimed an offer from Coastal.com”. facebook.com/Coastal Facebook: Building Essential Connections