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Teen il

  1. 1. Information TodayInternet Librarian 2012Sunday Afternoon WorkshopTitle: Teen Library Users: Engaging the Next GenerationPlanned and moderated by Stephen AbramThere are a ton of great ideas out there using new technologies and great content to attract and retainteen users in the library. This session will show how guitars, video, 3D printing, laser tag, and more canbe tied to programs and library use to engage teens and attract them to the library. And, just asimportantly, how to tie this to their needs for homework help, social needs, and reading. The team ofpresenters is comprised of on the ground, in the field, teen librarians who will share their innovationsand demonstrate what works and doesn’t work. We hope to show games, 3D printers, iPhone apps,Laser Tag and more. This will be exciting and dynamic, join us!A TRACK?Two or three session ideas I’ll write up if you schedule them 1. Brian Pichman will bring his laser tag operation is you want to try a night program on that…! 2. Brian Pichman can do a session on teen spaces and I could have Gretchen Caserotti and others talk about combining technology and programming at Darien.Homework: Breaking the Model for 21st Century LearnersSpeaker: Stephen Abram, VP Gale Cengage LearningAnd I hope Terri Fredericka at InfOhioThere are three challenges for public libraries in this century: a. Understanding the new curriculum, the common core and output based education b. Aligning public library services, program and training with the needs of the new teen c. Building relationships with schools, boards and teachers and defining what public libraries can offer.Stephen Abram will outline what has happened in the education field in North America in the past tenyears and trends in K-12 education. He will demonstrate how Google Education, subscription productsand textbooks are changing to address these needs and the opportunities for public libraries. He willalso show innovative strategies to work with teachers and school boards.
  2. 2. Trends in Teen Users and Technology: A Dynamic PanelModerated by Stephen AbramA panel of teen librarians is dynamically interviewed about their ideas and innovations in working withand successfully attracting teen users to the public library. Come hear their great experiments, pilotsand programs using things as simple as guitars, simple gaming nights, or as advanced as laser tag, mobileapps, and more. The session will be interview style, not talking heads and there will be opportunity foraudience involvement.The ones you sent me look great too. If you want to combine them into a Young Adults and the InternetTrack…?Here’s my list of speakers that I’ll call this week:Susan Considine,Gretchen Caserotti,Brian Pichman, (confirmed)Eli NieburgerJustin Hoenke, Teen Librarian at Portland PL, MainePatrick Sweeney,Terri FrederickaAnd more… if they’re already there.