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Pinterest craft club


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Pinterest craft club

  1. 1. Virtual Branch Director Leah Kraus @leahkraus73 Fayetteville Free Library 300 Orchard Street Fayetteville, NY 13066 @fayettevillelib Pinterest Craft Club A series of craft programs for adults, inspired by projects found on Pinterest. The concepts fostered by this club include creativity, sustainability, and community connection-building. We find that many patrons in our community browse Pinterest and love the ideas they find for upcycling and re-using materials in new and creative ways. Our club seeks to provide a forum for community members to come together and make these projects into reality. It offers them a way to create something new and different from materials that are often going unused around the house, and to meet new people and exchange ideas while doing so. Sample Projects Valentine’s Day “Light of My Life” desk topper Materials: Fluorescent light bulb, spare wood pieces, wire, screwdriver, safety gloves and goggles, hot glue Nested Paper Bowls Materials: Paper scraps taken from your shredder, glue, paint brush, cling wrap T-Shirt Scarves Materials: Old t-shirt, scissors Clock Magnets Materials: Magnets, old watch faces Monster Bookmarks Materials: Junk mail envelopes; pieces of scrap/decorative paper, glue stick