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Mb la lunchfinal


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Our MbLA vendor lunch

Published in: Education, Technology
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Mb la lunchfinal

  1. 1. “Resources for Life and Learning” Manitoba Library Association Vision and Mission
  2. 2. • Focus on the user leads to better products • Empower users with tools and information in context Gale’s 3.0 Vision: Let’s start with the User! Gale’s Strategy 3 Power to the User = Value to the Library Better products lead to more usage More usage leads to more value to the library
  3. 3. What We Are Learning about users? • 27% of our users are under 18 • 59% are female • 29% are college students • 5% are professors and 6% are teachers • On any given day, 35% of our users are there for the first time • 29% found our products via a library website • 59% found what they were looking for on their first search • 72% trusted the Gale content more than what they found on Google • 81% still use Google 4
  4. 4. Gale Takes Action With Major Library Advocacy Initiatives • Major initiative to improve web experience, given number of users finding us “elsewhere” • Designed more than 1,000 websites for libraries including the Florida Electronic Library • Created more than 300 new widgets, driving an average 400% increase in usage • Access My Library use on the Web and the iPhone app draws users to the Library • Usage in the last 3 months is DOUBLE last year! 5
  5. 5. Understanding Users From The Web Perspective • Gale purchased and to better understand and reach users on the Web • Gale’s one of the top-ranked sites worldwide • Gale supports libraries by directing Web traffic back to libraries – increasing awareness of library resources 6
  6. 6. Leveraging Gale’s Strategic Position as a Publisher • Publish and aggregate content users need and will use • Gale creates content utilizing a network of 100,000+ authors • We write content about content – giving users overviews and applications for complex content in context • Create broad access for libraries by aggregating everything else without embargo or exclusives • Focus on content creation – not just tonnage • More titles without embargos are better than just more titles • Avoid the ‘exclusives’ game: in the end, not consistent with our strategy to partner with libraries, as costs rise in the log run 7
  7. 7. Using Technology to Drive Value Users reveal what they want: • Strong trend away from large content aggregations sitting behind a search box • Easier, quicker access to information • Eliminate authentication obstacles • Web 2.0 tools they have grown accustomed to using • Content and Technology tied to workflow 8
  8. 8. Gale’s New Look And Feel To Improve Usage Search and Retrieve Model: Much more focused on number of results for a search, rather than the quality of the results Knowledge Portal Model: Engages users by giving them everything they need to learn about a topic – from an overview, to relevant articles, to multimedia, to assets found in their library. • Users want easier access and Web 2.0 tools 9
  9. 9. Gale’s New Knowledge Portal Strategy 10
  10. 10. Gale’s Driving Principles Put Libraries First! • The library world is full of vendors: Gale strives to be a partner • Our mutual goal is to ensure that libraries remain vibrant, successful centers of their communities. • Gale will bring more value to libraries through deep knowledge of their clients • Gale strives to be the “glue” that brings disparate information sources together and creates meaning by “sticking it together”. 11
  11. 11.  We held our electronic prices flat for all customers in 2009, saving libraries more than $10,000,000.  Guess what, we’re doing it again this year.  We saved 8 states more than $3,000,000 by having them switch to Gale resources from EBSCO.  We are now moving all customers to unlimited usage for no additional charge.  We reduced our list prices on a number of products. is advocating for libraries
  12. 12.  Gale is now exploring a new business model with Wyoming – usage-based pricing for resources.  Gale is now authenticating by geolocation in a number of states – users can access resources without putting in a barcode or password.  Gale increased its marketing budget in the current year, but reallocated the money to help libraries market to their users. is advocating for libraries.
  13. 13.  We don’t only do busses at ALA… we also stand behind our customers when their voices need to be heard. is advocating for libraries.
  14. 14. is going to help you understand your users. • Power to the User; Value to the Library.  Understanding users leads to better products.  Better products lead to more usage.  More usage leads to more value per dollar to the library.
  15. 15. Content 73, 1.1 Look and Feel 68, 0.4 Navigation 67, 0.9 Search 67, 2.8 Site Performance 74, 0.4 62 72 0.2 1.2 2.2 SCORE IMPACT Gale-Cengage Browse Survey Priority Map October 01, 2009 - October 31, 2009 STATUS QUO REQUIRED MAINTAIN OR IMPROVE MONITOR TOP PRIORITY Key: Position of each bubble indicates its score and impact Size of each bubble also indicates the relative size of impact HighLow High Low
  16. 16. v is creating library awareness.  Gale is proud to introduce the new iPhone App.  Gale is directing web traffic to your resources.
  17. 17. • Top-ten reference site • Search engine discoverability for libraries and their resources • Article excerpts from library products (e.g. GVRL) • Full-text articles courtesy of your library
  18. 18. • Top-ten reference site • Search engine discoverability for libraries and their resources • Article excerpts from library products (e.g. GVRL) • Full-text articles courtesy of your library Read the rest of this article courtesy of your local library 15%
  19. 19. is helping you market to your users.  Gale has created more than 1,000 websites for libraries… Including…
  20. 20. is going to double your usage.  With more than 300 widgets, and counting… we are going to unlock your products to users.
  21. 21. Has confirmed your friend request. Gale wants to be your friend, and partner. Not just another vendor.
  22. 22. Gale Think Product Portfolio Summer 2010 *** Please view in “Slide Show” mode ***
  23. 23. Evolution of Gale K-12 Products The New Portfolio  Products included in the new Gale Think Portfolio: – Gale Think Biography – Gale Think History U.S. – Gale Think History World – Gale Think Opposing Viewpoints – Gale Think Science – Gale Think Student Edition – Gale Think Student Canadian Edition
  24. 24. Introduction A New Paradigm  Gale has developed a new portfolio of products to replace the resource center databases  The portfolio is being branded under the “Think” umbrella product name  The Gale Think product line is the culmination of extensive internal and external research including the K-12 Front- End Customer Strategy (FECS) project as well as focus groups, user studies and usability testing with both customers and learners across the K-12 market
  25. 25. What We Heard… I want simplicity, direct curriculum connections, and I want to integrate content easily into my workflow with tools Media Specialists Teachers Students I want deep authoritative content for all students and subjects I want it fast, easy, and definitely cool…
  26. 26. Introduction A New Paradigm  The Internet changed the way learners do “research”  The Gale Think products are consistent with the way learners now seek and discover information, engage with content and complete assignments in all learning environments  Gale continues to evolve in order to meet the needs of our customers serving the 21st Century learner
  27. 27. Evolution of Gale 20101954 Print Digital Collections Online Databases (Resource Centers) Portal Products (Gale Think*) *Wireframe mock-up may not reflect the exact look & feel of the final product GALE’s innovative Gale Think platform connects 21st Century learners with dynamic content
  28. 28. •Learner influenced product design • Content influenced product design •Over 1,500 portal pages (content in context) •One general product (Think Student Edition) • Multiple levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze) •Library + Classroom• Library •Classroom Solutions + Research & Discovery • Research & Discovery •Single product platform• Numerous product platforms •One brand identity• Various brand identities •Now• Then Evolution: Product Overview
  29. 29. •Now• Then Evolution: Logo & Brand Identity
  30. 30. •Related Portals (promoting discovery) •Interactive Google Maps• Static map images •Image galleries• Image links and single image views •Multiple spotlight topics/articles • Single or no spotlight topic/article •Updated featured portals by category • Static homepage pick lists •Fact Boxes •New engaging and learner-friendly interface • Outdated and basic user interface •Search Assist and “Did You Mean?” •Now• Then Evolution: Features & Functionality
  31. 31. Then Now* Evolution: Interface *Wireframe may not reflect the exact look & feel of the final product
  32. 32. MOCK-UP SAMPLE: Home Page* Screenshots: Gale Think Opposing Viewpoints *Mock-up may not reflect the exact look & feel of the final product
  33. 33. MOCK-UP SAMPLE: Portal Page* Screenshots: Gale Think Opposing Viewpoints *Mock-up may not reflect the exact look & feel of the final product
  34. 34. •Content types merged on single portals • Content types separated by clicks & pages •Precise delivery of content in context • Overwhelming amounts of content •Focus on authority and currency (news) • Focus on authority •Topic & portal specific frequent updating • Whole book continuous updating •Hand-selected documents + “Expert Picks” • Only automated document selection •More images, audio, video & interactives • Mostly text with some multimedia •Content types exposed through buckets • Content types hidden behind tabs •Emphasis on quality, value & desired results • Emphasis on quantity •Now• Then Evolution: Content
  35. 35. Content Content and Functionality Gale Think products feature a wealth of media-rich content and functionality organized to provide context for learners: •Weblinks•Viewpoints•Video •Statistics•Science Experiments •Related Portals •Reference•Primary Sources•News •Magazines•Images•Fact Boxes •Expert Picks•Audio•Academic Journals
  36. 36. Highlights Product Highlights Summary:  The Gale Think portfolio of products is paving the way for Gale to continue to support libraries while also extending into the classroom and student workflow  All products will have a consistent end-user experience  No other competitive product on the market is serving up content in the same way (in context through portals)  Features: search assist and “did you mean,” interactive Google Maps, fact boxes, APA citations & more  Over 1,500 hand-crafted portals at launch with resources dedicated to adding/updating portals on a regular basis
  37. 37. Topic Overview Each portal page has an overview providing the user with easily digestible reference content Featured Image A featured image adds interest to the page and immediately puts the topic into a visual context Expert Picks Featured documents and multimedia hand- selected by GALE editorial staff Video Video related to the topic Images Browsable thumbnails of images related to the topic with links to full size images Audio Streaming and downloadable audio related to the topic Fact Boxes Quick facts related to the topic available at a glance & consistent with open web alternatives Related Portals Additionals portals related to the topic that provide more information and promote discovery Weblinks External links to editorially reviewed sites that augment GALE’s authoritative reference content Content Buckets Content formerly hidden behind tabs is exposed through buckets such as news, magazines, etc. Anatomy of a Portal Page* The Portal Experience The portal page provides an unparalleled end- user experience by delivering precise content in context Topic selection is based on the following criteria: - Top searches in-product - Curriculum - Subject matter experts - Customer feedback - News-related events *Wireframe may not reflect the exact look & feel of the final product
  38. 38. Launch Production Dates: Gale Think Opposing Viewpoints: May 2010 All other Gale Think products: June - July 2010 (Exact dates TBD)
  39. 39. Notes Additional Notes:  We started with high school, other products to follow  Products not currently impacted: – Student Resource Center Junior Edition – Junior Reference Collection – Discovering Collection – Kids InfoBits  Literature Resource Center (LRC) to follow soon  SRC Health will be folded into Gale Think Student Edition  “Critical Thinking” will remain a separate product add-on
  40. 40. The Future Future Plans:  These Gale Think products are just the beginning!  Future releases of the Gale Think products will continue to support library activities while also reaching into the classroom through tools and enhancements such as: – Product add-ons such as course-specific content, interactives, etc. – Enhanced curriculum standards with correlation to specific portals/content – User (instructor) created custom portal pages and content selections – Assessment creation and administration with grade books – Communication, collaboration and community tools – Mobile (handheld device) versions of applications – Learning Management System (LMS) integration