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Joe Matthews slides

  1. 1. Options & Opportunities Joe Matthews May 2014
  2. 2. Shameless Commerce Section
  3. 3. My Road Map • Rules of the Game • Scenario Planning • Library Scenarios • Re-imagining • Planning Horizon
  4. 4. Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and yesterday’s concepts. Marshall McLuhan
  5. 5. It’s not linear Alternate futures Now
  6. 6. Strategic planning is not only looking down the road, it is …
  7. 7. … not just a map
  8. 8. … it is a plan to arrive at a specific destination!
  9. 9. Scenario Planning • Process of imagining alternative futures – and identify their implications • Recognizing that we do not have one future, but many • Allows ‘options’ to remain in ‘play’ • Seeks to consider new and different options • Liberates us from past thinking • Helps us move to a “preferred future”
  10. 10. Scenarios • Helps us to bring new ideas into our thinking and planning • Helps us to think more broadly about the forces that are impacting libraries • Are a great tool for engaging others so that many views and insights are explored • Nothing is right or wrong. Scenarios encourage us to think about things we normally don’t think about.
  11. 11. Disruption is a reality
  12. 12. Building Scenarios Experience Involvement Empowerment Innovation MEETING PLACE Participate LEARNING SPACE Explore PERFORMANCE SPACE Create INSPIRATION SPACE Excite
  13. 13. Possible Dimensions • Technology (Hi & Lo); Touch (Hi & Lo) • Eco-framework; Values retention • Institution-driven vs. Customer-led; Structure (Inflexible vs. Flexible) • State supported vs. market driven; closed (traditional) vs. open (MOOC) • Funding climate; adaptability
  14. 14. Library Scenarios
  15. 15. Confronting the Future
  16. 16. Its all about building stories & ideas around a framework as a means to an ongoing conversation. It’s about what could happen, not what will happen. It’s about developing a preferred future!
  17. 17. Re-imagining Libraries
  18. 18. Re-imagining Services • Search • Discovery • Content • Shelving • Librarians
  19. 19. Planning Horizon • Focus on 3 to 5 years hence • Use scenarios to explore the future with a variety of stakeholders • Focus on a Preferred Future that will really respond to your customer’s needs • Recognize that a plan does not survive the first encounter with “reality” - adjust
  20. 20. Just do not dismiss opportunities Possibilities abound …
  21. 21. An Important Question Regardless of the scenarios used in the planning process and your choice of a Preferred Future, how will the library add value in the life of each customer?
  22. 22. Joe@JoeMatthews.Org
  23. 23. Joe Matthews Joe@JoeMatthews.Org