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Ifla president's mtg final digital technology and innovation.2016


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IFLA President's Meeting 2016

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Ifla president's mtg final digital technology and innovation.2016

  1. 1. Digital Technology and Innovation: Building Transformative Services IFLA President’s Meeting April 7, 2016
  2. 2. 2 Access for All Bridging the Digital Divide Technology – An essential library service Ensuring that all residents can fully participate in the social, economic and community life of the city Computers, the Internet and wireless in all branches provide access to collections, e-resources and e-services User education helps build information literacy skills
  3. 3. 24/7 Omni-Channel Access Online ..Mobile ..In Person All 3 & sometimes at the same time wifi, high speed internet, laptop lending, internet hotspot lending, self-service transactions, websites optimized for mobile, social media Being less transactionally based provides service development opportunities
  4. 4. Reimagine Space
  5. 5. Make Learn Play Collaborate Collaborative Learning Spaces
  6. 6. Innovator in Residence Make Learn Play Collaborate
  7. 7. Spaces for All Ideas
  8. 8. Publish Your Own Book
  9. 9. Community Meet-Ups Make Learn Play Collaborate
  10. 10. Engage Makers
  11. 11. Design Challenges Hackathons
  12. 12. Maker Programs – Maker Faire Make Learn Play Collaborate
  13. 13. Out Into the Community
  14. 14. Pop Up Learning Labs
  15. 15. Staff Digital Innovation Program
  16. 16. Curriculum for Professional Development • Provides a standardized approach to Professional Development • Supports librarians in maintaining up-to-date skills • Develops a culture that supports leadership, innovation and initiative • Recognizes importance of continuous learning • Supports succession planning • Synchs with the Strategic Plan and Service Delivery Model
  17. 17. Five Learning Categories Inform Enable Equalize Lead Technology
  18. 18. Are We Ready?