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If not for the lib 5


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Published in: Education, Technology
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If not for the lib 5

  1. 1.  If not for the Library: Making and Innovating in the Public Library Susan Considine Executive Director Fayetteville Free Library @sconsidine #FFLMakers
  2. 2. Library Makerspaces • What is a makerspace? • What do they do?
  3. 3. Why? “Instead of trying to interest kids in science as received knowledge, it’s possible to equip them to do science, giving them both the knowledge and the tools to discover it. Instead of building better bombs, emerging technology can help build better communities.”-Neil Gershenfeld
  4. 4. Our Mission and Access The mission of the Fayetteville Free Library is to provide free and open access to ideas and information Our philosophy is to provide free and open access to: Content * Technology * Spaces * Each other To help community members transform their own lives.
  5. 5. Culture of Innovation • What is it? • How do you create it?
  6. 6. Barriers to Innovation • Funding • Decision Makers • Space • Safety/Liability
  7. 7. FFL Makerspaces •Space-free making •FFL Creation Lab •FFL Fab Lab •FFL Family Room •Little Makerspace
  8. 8. Community Engagement  The communities needs, desires, and aspirations TODAY inform our planning and services.  The community drives the library agenda.
  9. 9. Tools and Tech FFL Creation Lab Green screen Podcasting station Photo & video editing software Video cameras FFL Fab Lab: Sewing machines Vinyl cutter Soldering irons 3D printers ?????
  10. 10. Programming Ideas • Take-A-Part Thursdays • Make Your Own Book • STEAMPunk Club • Creation Club • Lego Robotics o First Lego League o Mission:LEGO • Extreme Weather/Green screen • Maker Mondays
  11. 11. Programming Ideas • 3D Printer Certification • Pinterest Craft Club • Sewing Classes • 3D Design software training • Podcasting • Adobe Photoshop • More Descriptions- s
  12. 12. Conclusion • You’re already doing this! • Questions?
  13. 13.  Thank you! Susan Considine Executive Director Fayetteville Free Library @sconsidine Fayetteville Free Library Homepage: FAQs for Librarians: Making! Twitter: @fayettevillelib Facebook: