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Fopl omd ceo_roadmap_bhv2


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Social Media Symposium

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Fopl omd ceo_roadmap_bhv2

  1. 1. September 2016 FOPL/BothAnd | OpenMediaDesk® a social media/brand newsroom for Ontario’s libraries
  2. 2. OpenMediaDesk.® Stories that strike sparks. That make people act. ✤ OpenMediaDesk® (OMD®) is a proprietary branded content newsroom methodology ✤ OpenMediaDesk® is dashboard-governed proprietary process to create, test, and publish multimedia experiences in aid of improving both the quality and volume of FOPL member library marketing communications
  3. 3. What OMD does ✤ creates community networks of storytellers to promote FOPL libraries as essential community cultural, educational and social entrepreneurship services ✤ enhances community collaboration with FOPL member library marketing communications initiatives at scale ✤ optimizes the FOPL member library's strategic cultural user experience (UX)/outreach to library cardholders of all stripes ✤ acts as an actionable intelligence tool for designing and implementing high- relevance library programming and community outreach via real-time community data research
  4. 4. Better stories. Faster. On target. ✤ OMD is also a methodology for realtime media testing and data- driven publishing, which pre-validates stories before they're published for maximum relevancy to library cardholder needs/wants/aspirations
  5. 5. The community tells the library’s story ✤ OMD is a data-driven 'story engine' which designs and shares library-centric stories from individuals in a FOPL member library community back to the greater community, through library social media and website experiences
  6. 6. Outcomes ✤OMD provides cutting-edge library brand storytelling of the highest possible engagement and relevancy to the target community (high- relevancy storytelling opens community conversations) ✤superb cardholder engagement with library media, a user experience (UX) that drives engagement with the library, its services and its media offerings (OMD grows cardholder user/interaction base via high-relevancy media) ✤innovate a new kind of library brand communications across the entire province, yet responsive to hyperlocal issues/events/aspirations (scaleable effective and coordinated media) ✤create a clear, powerful digital brand for FOPL member libraries for all future media/brand communications initiatives (scaleable, targeted brand messaging)
  7. 7. OMD delivers ✤ a process for a highly targeted content marketing/key influencer/user-generated-content process (the community tells its own stories about libraries through library networks) ✤ both build and implementation of an integrated FOPL media ecosystem (media as a coordinating information/news/thought- leadership layer across the entire FOPL system) ✤ design and implement high- relevancy, sustainable social media (brand stories that live on memorably)
  8. 8. thank you.