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Customer service radios


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Customer service radios

  1. 1. Wellington County Library Using 2-way radios to enhance customer service
  2. 2. Five Carnegie Branches Harriston Mount Forest Palmerston EloraFergus
  3. 3. Mount Forest Branch
  4. 4. Mount Forest Branch
  5. 5. Programming
  6. 6. Harriston Branch
  7. 7. Harriston Branch - Addition
  8. 8. Coaching
  9. 9. Safety • Easy to call for assistance • Identify where staff are • Communicate next steps • Share important information
  10. 10. Radios enhance customer service by: • Making communication between staff members easy • Maintaining a connection with library users • Reallocating staff in response to customers’ needs • Allowing unique coaching opportunities • Contributing to a safe environment