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Challenges and opportunities lux slides


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IFLA President's Meeting

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Challenges and opportunities lux slides

  1. 1. Challenges create Opportunities The Future of Libraries Claudia Lux Project Director Qatar National Library
  2. 2. Integration of Library Functions Public Library University and Research Library National Library
  3. 3. • Digitization and Access to Information changes the perspective of the library guests • Our separation in different functions is not relevant • Finding relevant material no matter what format and what origin • Access to information and all services around this comes first Opportunity: Integration of services
  4. 4. Integration of Library Services Public Library University and Research Library National Library Who decides what people are able to access? How much librarians do to take down all barriers? Are all services in the cloud?
  5. 5. Are no longer determined by the character and size of collection: - as a remote public librarian in Canada can explain the usage of Qatar Digital Library’s 700.000 digitized pages on the history of the Gulf ( • Are no longer deciding if somebody is allowed to access some material – or? • Do know about all the relevant content, free accessible material (but not very well placed in search engines) of National Libraries in New Zealand, China or of Europeana? Opportunity: Librarians as facilitator of access to information…
  6. 6. “Ask QNL Librarian” Service
  7. 7. Qatar‘s model of National Licences with individual access and IP access to eResources for free
  8. 8. • To market packages of eResources behind a paywall • Oh, wonder: researchers also like to listen to Jazz music • Oh, wonder: the university professor access the children night stories for her kids • Outreach actions are changing – but knowledge and training of librarians become more challenging • Does anybody still needs books on the shelves? QNL activities
  9. 9. • The new Qatar National Library is open and functioning without a building • fully relying on eResources and • outreach activities. • The new building will have real books on shelves. Why? • The digital services will expand with the building! How?
  10. 10. • Qatar Foundation Education City Universities • University Branch libraries (not the private ones) open up and buy collections for the general public (videos, music, fiction) • Why? Why not? • And is the special library world so special? Opportunity: Public library services by American University librarians?
  11. 11. Questions?