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Caleche $25 gift certificate rrr

  1. 1. CALECHE 'We Have You Dressed' 2310 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON MOS 1P2 www.calechelad ieswear. ca email: St. Casimir's Church Hall 156 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, ON M6R 214 RE: RONCESVALLES REFUGEE RELIEF FUNDRAISER Dear Supporters of the Roncesvalles Refugee Relief Fundraiser: We are so pleased to participate in your worthy cause to raise funds to sponsor a refugee family in our Toronto neighbourhood. lt would be our pleasure to give you a $25 Caldche Gift Certificate for this remarkable initiative you're doing on their behall thank you. Caldche is an award winning ladieswear fashion store centrally located in the Bloor West Village. Also, in gratitude for your fundraising efforts for the refugees in crisis, we would like to continue helping you help them. We will donate 5%o of net sales spent at Caldche by any of your supporters of this event up until May 3'J.,20'J.6. We will then present to your participating organization a donation cheque. Please bring this gift certificate with you when you visit Caldche. You can view our fashions by visiting our website at We strive to live by our motto'we have you dressed' in style and elegance that's suitable for your everyday fashion needs, lifestyle and special occasions. We wish you much success in your fundraising endeavors, and thank you for this opportunity in reaching out to the refugees in crisis. Sincerely, Lisette Miller, Caldche Store Owner CALECHE 'We Have You Fresse{' Crrr CEnrrFrcATE RO},{CESITALLES REFUGEE RELIEF FUI{DR,{.IS ING GALA. EVENT T14:[NTY-ru]'[ DOLLTR! ($:5.00) Cal&c'he Larlieswear 2310 Blaor$t,W. Torrrnto,()N M6S 1P3 Telr {+16} 763-11'71 w'wrl",calscheladieswear"ca emril: infcr@calccheladiesr& Autharizerl by' Li4elte M1ler. 'i+ *One eonrplirnerrtaly gift certilic-ate per person onl1.. Redeenra.ble on regular pri*e nr*rchandi*e only. NCr *lrNr${Ut!1 Prr RCH.{SA RnQUrRm. Time linrited o{ler expiry &{ay 3l,ml6