005 on tutoring and mentoring


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My thoughts on tutoring and mentoring your managers in an organization...

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005 on tutoring and mentoring

  1. 1. The Global Scorecard• Standing Tall • The Difference – IBM – Leadership at all – GE levels – Focus: HOPE – The Teachable Point of View• Fallen Angels • Ideas – GM • Values – Apple • Emotional Energy and – Kodak Edge – Westinghouse • Ref: The Leadership – AT&T Engine - Tichy and – American Express Cohen
  2. 2. The Global Context• Jack Welch • Lou Gerstner – Crotonville – IBM• Larry Bossidy • Sam Walton – Honeywell – Bentonville• Roger Enrico • Bill Gates – Cayman Islands – Puzzledom• Bob Nardelli • HLL – Home Depot – Gulita / Nalanda – The BLT program
  3. 3. At theLarry Bossidy “end of the day, you bet onpeople, not on strategies.”
  4. 4. My experience BLT - 2001/2 MP Dapada Bangalore Jamunmadla Djakarta
  5. 5. Cribs - Top 5• No clarity on deliverables – No written brief• Projects on immediate needs – No focus on learning objectives• No contacts from tutor – Tutor was very busy• No periodic feedback – Disagreement on final ratings• No personal touch / relationship – Failure to engage with the tutor
  6. 6. If you sort these out...You would make a good tutor… The trainee will be happier.The trainee will be less stressed out.
  7. 7. “ Some tutors are better than other tutors.”” Some tutors are a helluva lotbetter than other tutors.”
  8. 8. or
  9. 9. On TutoringMusings based on 3 S&M 3 Commercial 2 Technical 1 ITTrainees in KNSA
  10. 10. A simple proposal Lets think of it as COACHING rather than TUTORING 1. Tutoring is incremental2. Tutoring assumes competence 3. Tutoring is discrete
  11. 11. Myth: We coach primarily to help others Reality: There are many tangible, selfish and acceptable reasons for one to become a great coach More time, Stronger organization, More fun, stronger following
  12. 12. Myth: Focus on the coachee Reality: Know Thyself Self awareness, Overcome one’s own blocks
  13. 13. Myth: Coaching equals feedbackReality: There are many otherimportant coaching tools and habits Insightful feedback, Effectivequestioning, GROW, Motivation techniques
  14. 14. Myth: Coaching requires a lot of time Reality: The best coaching comes in small doses 5 minutes, A quick phone call, A short note, A little book
  15. 15. Myth: Coaching is about work Reality: Good coaching will spread to other areas of life Friends, Partners, Children Coaching as a LIFE SKILL
  16. 16. Myths on COACHINGWe coach primarily to help others Focus on the coachee Coaching equals feedback Coaching requires a lot of time Coaching is about work
  17. 17. CoachingIn totally screwed up times
  18. 18. Coaches Are …Optimists.
  19. 19. Hackneyed but none the less COACHES SEEtrue: CUPS AS “HALF FULL.”
  20. 20. The Kotler Doctrine:1965-1980: R.A.F. (Ready.Aim.Fire.)1980-1995: R.F.A. (Ready.Fire!Aim.)1995-????: F.F.F. (Fire!Fire!Fire!)
  21. 21. “If things seemunder control,you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti
  22. 22. minutes
  23. 23. Love is the Killer AppIf you want to fix the future, start by fixing yourself. … to be a high impact coach you need to help other people grow and be as openly human as you can be and find the courage to express genuine emotion in the harried, pressure filled world of work.
  24. 24. "A good coach will make his players see what they can berather than what they are.” - Ara Parasheghian
  26. 26. Jack Welch: “I am a…Dispenser ofEnthusiasm! ”
  27. 27. Coaches Focus on SOFT the STUFF!
  28. 28. “Here’s the artist’s conception of your proposed smile.”
  29. 29. “Soft” Is “Hard” - Tom Peters
  30. 30. Coaches Say“WellDone.”
  31. 31. “The two most powerful things a kind in existence: word and a thoughtful gesture.” Ken Langone, CEO, Invemed Associates [from Ronna Lichtenberg, It’s Not Business, It’s Personal]
  32. 32. Coaches… Are The Brand
  33. 33. Coaches… Have a GREAT HEART!
  34. 34. The “Job” of Coaching.
  35. 35. In summary.• Demystify yourself – Coaching is a selfish act• Be optimistic – Concentrate on the strengths• Make time – 5 minutes / @• Soft is Hard – Connect / Emote / Share• Reassure ad nauseum
  36. 36. HAVE FUN Pub / Quiz Movies / Music Chai / BooksScrabble / Crossword Trek / Holiday
  37. 37. Fun is a pervasive spirit that capturesan organization and allows it to think positive and be productive
  38. 38. Coach From the Heart! The fundamental task of leaders is to prime goodfeelings in those they lead…
  39. 39. Finally, coaching, like parenthood will never be an exact science. But neither should it be a completemystery to those who practiceit. A mixture of the knowledge of what it takes to be asuccessful and effective coach and the conventional ‘gut feeling’ usually delivers the best results.
  40. 40. My CoacheesSailesh / Jaspal / Gaurav / SumanPranav / Pradeep / Afsal / Bharat Mihir / Kashyap / Datta / Aditya
  42. 42. 5 Answers• The high point of my BLT Stint• The low point of my BLT Stint• The best thing my tutor ever did• The worst thing my tutor ever did• What will I do differently when I am a tutor
  43. 43. Open HouseAsk all the questions...
  44. 44. Thank You
  45. 45. “You must bethe change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi
  46. 46. G.R.O.WGoal Responsibility•Agree topic for discussion •Invite Self Assessment•Set aim if appropriate •Check assumptions •Discard irrelevant history GROWWrap •Options•Commit to Action •Cover full range of possibilities•Identify possible obstacles •Invite suggestions from coachee•Define timing •Offer suggestions carefully•Agree support •Ensure choices are made