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Jda manhattan


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Jda manhattan

  1. 1. GROUP PROJECT # 4Felicia & Stephanie
  2. 2. Application VendorsJDA Software Group Manhattan Associates JDA was founded in  Manhattan Associates was founded in 1990. The companys initial business 1985 as a private software product was WMS, with which company and became they quickly became a leader in the WMS enterprise software market. In 2005, they a public company in expanded SCM solutions into planning, forecasting and inventory optimization. 1996.  Manhattans supply chain management JDA develops and system customer base includes more than 1,200 corporate customers. The majority markets retail of the companys customers are small to merchandising, store large companies in retail, consumer goods, food, high tech, electronics, and systems, point-of-sales government. and supply chain  Two product suites: Integration Logistics Solutions (ILS) and Supply Chain management software Optimization Planning through Execution solutions. (SCOPE). Scope is their full featured best in class product.
  3. 3. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FEATURES JDA Group Manhattan Associates  SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE AND CROSS APPLICATION SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE AND CROSS SOLUTIONS APPLICATION SOLUTIONS  Shared functionality suite of applications is called Platform • JDA enterprise architecture addresses IT Application and the cross functionality suite is called X- deployment and management capabilities such as Suite. information security, common user interface and  SALES AND OPERATION PLANNING change management.  Does not support a full featured S&OP solution. The distribution application does however support an integrated SALES AND OPERATION PLANNING view of demand forecast and item level planning.  Demand review tool is used to gain consensus on  DEMAND MANAGEMENT demand forecasts  Forecasting models and auto picks the best-fit for each  The supply review tool models capacity, resources item. and cost required to meet the demand forecasts.  SUPPLY MANAGEMENT  A financial analysis feature provides analytical  Strategic Network Planning, Distribution Planning, tools to measure the financial impact of the S&OP Procurement Management – Not supported. plans  Replenishment, Vendor Managed Inventory DEMAND MANAGEMENT  WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT  Forecasting and statistical modeling Yard Management software features include: accommodates multiple input sources.  Guard Check In and Out ,Expediting Critical Loads, Visibility to Inbound and Outbound Trailers, Scheduling Trailers to SUPPLY MANAGEMENT Dock Doors, Trailer Appointments and Scheduling, Inbound Processing, Outbound Processing, Cross Docking, Value  Strategic Network Planning, Replenishment, Added Services and Storage Vendor Managed Inventory, Procurement Management  TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT  Fleet Management – A key software feature of fleet TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT management is optimizing the mix of private goods and common carriers.
  4. 4. WeaknessesJDA Software Group Manhattan Associates• JDA Software does not support  Manhattan Associates system warehouse management, weakness includes the absence of supplier relationship CRM software and an SRM management, and customer system. Without an integrated suite relations management. of enterprise-wide applications.• JDA software architecture and  Manhattan’s line up of SCM cross application support lacks planning products is narrow and the features and functionality of lacks robust features. S&OP and the other enterprise software demand management lack the multi-level and the longer horizon solutions, including advanced planning structure of other functionality for system enterprise software vendors, and integration, web services and they do not address demand data management. With their shaping. Supply management diverse technologies (including supports replenishment features, IBM midrange, Microsoft .NET but lacks support for other areas of and Java), JDA architectural supply management. challenges are further complicated
  5. 5. Manhattan Supply ChainManagement Solutions Focus on three key areas tailored to customer preferences, business challenges, and technology requirements. Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimization, Planning Through Execution Built on open-source technology Provides holistic operational insight, performance, optimization with measurable and lower total cost of ownership through the following :Planning and Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Order Lifecycle Management, Transportation Lifecycle Management and Warehouse and Distribution Management.
  6. 6. Conclusion JDA Group does not have a Warehouse Management System  Making them less attractive to a company seeking the total package Manhattan Associates software is best in class WMS and this supply chain management system should be considered for any SCM initiative seriously looking at WMS. Small business would prefer JDA for the individual product offerings Larger business would prefer Manhattan for its wide variety making a total package for that company  This will enable firms to streamline internal and external supply chain processes  It is best to have all services with one company
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