All Eyes on You


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Slidedeck assignment for FILM260 at Queen's University

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All Eyes on You

  1. 1. All Eyes On YouHow social media has affected our opinion of each otherby @stephchan13Stephanie Chan Photo by Bram Cymet
  2. 2. In the past, first impressions werederived from face-to-face interactions.Photo by Chuck Patch [chuckp]
  3. 3. Today, technology allows us .Photo by William Hookto shape who we are andspecific features......“”in ways we couldn’t do as easily offline.highlight- Christine Erickson
  4. 4. The things we post on social networkingsites say a lot about who we are - forbetter or for worse.Photo by AlexValli [liquene]
  5. 5. However, careful regulation of our online activity allows us to keepour social presence consistent with the image we want to project.Photo by nathanmac87
  6. 6. Photo by ed_needs_a_bicycleWhy is this important?You might ask...
  7. 7. Photo by Alan [Kaptain Kobold]...projecting the right image of the professional youIn a world where jobs are scarce and qualified applicants are of vital importance.Photo by Karsten Planz [karsten.planz]
  8. 8. 91%of recruiters and hiring professionalshave visited a potential candidates profile on a social networkas part of the screening process...Photo by Kathryn Decker [Waponi]
  9. 9. Photo by Stef Lewandowski [Aeioux]....and 69% of job recruiters have rejectedan applicant based on text, photos orvideos that they discovered about aperson online.
  10. 10. However, 68% of recruiters did hire candidates after screening themon social media.39%say its because they "gave apositive impression of theirpersonality and organizational fit."Photo by Davide Gabino [Strolicfurlan]
  11. 11. Photo by Aaron Smith [TheArtGuy]The importance of maintaining a professionalonline image has led to the creation of socialmedia monitoring services like Reppler.
  12. 12. Photo by Kris Kesiak [Kris Kesiak Photography]But you don’t want tolook good just for apotential employer...
  13. 13. Photo by shutterbugamar...when it comes to dating, Facebook hasthe initial stages of a romantic relationship.completely transformed
  14. 14. Photo by Simon Carrasco [NeitherFanboy]“Expressing relational interest now involvesretreating to the nearest computer or smart phone and looking theperson up on Facebook.....
  15. 15. ”...If you wish to pursue further contact, you can send an informal friend request...Photo by Thomas Hoyrup Christensen [Thomas Rockstar] open the lines of communication.- Jesse Fox
  16. 16. On a Facebook profile, the eye is first drawn to theprofile picture.Photo by Lisa BrewsterConsequently, a good first impression is very important.
  17. 17. “Facebook users whose profile photos include social cues and have many positive commentsare viewed as much more socially and physically attractivethan users who have fewer social cues in and negative commentson their profile photos.- Nathan HurstPhoto by Amarand AgasiAccording to a University of Missouri study...
  18. 18. “ ”These findings show howimportant it is to present yourselfstrategically on Facebook.- Seoyeon HongPhoto by Lisa Ferla [lism]
  19. 19. Photo by Judit Klein [JuditK]Flirting over Facebook allows for “slower progression”...before the gamble of asking someone out.”“ liking could be developed over time- Jesse Fox
  20. 20. But these interactions maynever take place if you initiallyproject the wrong social cues.Photo by Oberazzi
  21. 21. Whether at work...Photo by Nic McPhee [Unhindered by Talent]
  22. 22. ...or in a social setting...Photo by Brandon Warren
  23. 23. ...your brand is not how you see yourself.It’s how others see you.Photo by Ben Raynal [zubrow]
  24. 24. How are you beingviewed online?Photo by Neerav Bhatt [neeravbhatt]
  25. 25. CreditsAll images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-CommercialShare-Alike 3.0 agreement and sourced from flickr.Photo by Martin Fisch [marfis75]
  26. 26. Hurst, Nathan. "Facebook Profile PicturesInfluence Perceived Attractiveness, MU StudyFinds." . University of Missouri, 12 Sept 2012.Web. 17 May 2013.Erickson, Christine. "The Social Psychology ofthe Selfie." Mashable. N.p., 15 Feb 2013. Web. 17May 2013.Jacobs, Tom. "I Now Pronounce You FBO:Facebook Official." Pacific Standard. N.p., 8 Jan2013. Web. 17 May 2013.Swallow, Erica. "How Recruiters Use SocialNetworks to Screen Candidates." Mashable.N.p., 23 Oct 2011. Web. 17 May 2013.SourcesPhoto by el patojo