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L.L Bean Deck


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L.L Bean Deck

  1. 1. Stephanie Benson
  2. 2. Target Audience •Millennials •Middle-aged outdoors enthusiasts
  3. 3. The Big Idea •Quality, long standing brand •Excellent customer service to solve any problems •Performance outdoors sportswear •Iconic Bean Boots
  4. 4. Telling A Story •Display and video advertising on ad networks •The photos and images will show a personal story of a customer with their L.L.Bean product •Photos and videos to be shared on social media sites •Facebook •Instagram •YouTube
  5. 5. Utilizing Smartphones •Creation of L.L.Bean Smartphone application •Instant chat with a L.L.Bean customer service representative •Quick shopping at the touch of a button •Customer submitted photos to designated hashtags
  6. 6. Overall Campaign Goals •Foster new customer relationships and continue growth with brand loyal customers •Demonstrate our passion for customer care and 100% product guarantee •Increase yearly sales
  7. 7. Google Attributes for Campaign Success •Google AdWords •L.L.Bean •Bean Boots •Performance outerwear •Quality customer service •$10,000 a day budget •Increase to $13,000 if need be
  8. 8. Continued Google Attributes •Google Analytics to ensure campaign is being fully implemented •Day-to-day results •Optimize and measure campaign with results
  9. 9. Let L.L.Bean help you discover or rediscover the outdoorsman or woman within you. With quality products and outstanding customer service, L.L.Bean will be by your side for the next 100 years.