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Vancouver HUG Hubspot CRM


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Presentation on the Hubspot CRM at Vancouver HUG August 2016

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Vancouver HUG Hubspot CRM

  1. 1. HUG Vancouver INBOUND SALES 
 Enablement A collaboration by HUGs, HubSpot Academy, HubSpot Sales Team 
 and Versio2
  2. 2. © 2016, Versio2 Digital Marketing Ltd.Twitter: @Versio2 PRESENTER Co-leader, Vancouver HUG Managing Partner Versio2 Digital Marketing Ltd. Stephan Burckhardt
  3. 3. Agenda 1) What it Is 2) How It’s Used 3) How it Works 4) Panel & Experiences 5) More Q&A
  4. 4. What 
 It Is 1
  5. 5. Inbound sales transforms sales to match the way people buy. how do they buy today?
  6. 6. What Most CRMs Look Like If reps don’t adopt’s, everything stops. 70% of CRM implementations fail
  7. 7. What a CRM Should Look Like Guess where Hubspot fits?
  8. 8. 10,000+ WEEKLY
 CREATED May 2015 Hubspot CRM Adoption (one year ago)
  9. 9. HubSpot’s Sales Products CRM Basics – Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tasks 
 Notifications & Inbox Productivity Tools Templates, Calling, Documents, Prospecting, Connections, Sequences HubSpot CRM Sidekick Sidekick For Business Free
 200+ Notifications $10/mo $50/user/monthFree
 No Limits on Users, Storage, Time
  10. 10. Companies looking to adopt their first CRM, 
 Companies looking to simplify their process Good Fits for HubSpot CRM In development, not (yet) 100% solved: - Custom object types - Team hierarchy - Complex workflows
  11. 11. When to Adopt? - Multiple people touch data, but lack context about interaction history - No one central place where all can access details on leads & customers - Difficulty tracking the sales opportunities & forecasting performance
  12. 12. How It’s Used2
  13. 13. Changing our Mindset 1. Focus on buyer not seller. 2. Personalize sales experience to buyer’scontext.
  14. 14. If the salesperson can’t add value beyondthe information buyers can find on their own, they have no reason to engage with the salesperson.
  16. 16. CONNECT Inbound salespeople lead with a message personalized to the buyer’s context. Legacy salespeople use generic pitches and entice the buyer with a discount.
  17. 17. CONNECT 1. Define your personas 2. Define your sequences for each persona 3. Define the outreach content for each sequence HOW TO SET UP CONNECT STRATEGY
  18. 18. CONNECT SEQUENCES Ask yourself: 1. Which mediums will we use to reach out to each persona? 2. When will you reach out? 3. If you don’t connect the first time, how many times do you try again?
  19. 19. CONNECT SEQUENCES Ask yourself: 1. Which mediums will we use to reach out to each persona? 2. When will you reach out? 3. If you don’t connect the first time, how many times do you try again?
  20. 20. CONNECT OUTREACH CONTENT Personalize the entire sales experience to the buyer’s context: ● Type of organization the buyer is in ● Who the buyer is within that organization ● The stage the buyer is at in their buying journey
  21. 21. EXPLORE Guide an exploratory conversation so that you’re in control while empowering your prospect to make the right decisions.
  22. 22. EXPLORE This framework helps you position your products and services 
 as a solution to your 
 buyer’s unique challenges.
  23. 23. ADVISE Inbound sales serve as translators between the generic messaging on your company website and the 
 unique needs of your buyer.
  24. 24. How It Works 3
  25. 25. Method #1: Use HubSpot Marketing Getting Data Into HubSpot CRM HubSpot
 Marketing HubSpot 
 Database HubSpot
 CRM Both systems share one underlying database. No syncing, no integrations to set up – it just works.
  26. 26. Method #2: Import Data from Elsewhere Getting Data Into HubSpot CRM Import Contacts, Companies, Deals & Tasks via CSV. Create custom properties to hold any kind of data.
  27. 27. Method #3: Adding Records via Sidekick Getting Data Into HubSpot CRM Log in CRM creates a new contact & associated company record when one doesn’t already exist
  28. 28. Method #3: Adding Records via Sidekick Getting Data Into HubSpot CRM Add to HubSpot button - add contacts & companies from the web or from your inbox
  29. 29. Method #4: Other Integrations Getting Data Into HubSpot CRM Our API is free. Connect hundreds of apps with Zapier. Texan example
  30. 30. Ownership in HubSpot CRM Every record can have an assigned owner. 
 Ownership cascades down to associated records.
  31. 31. Ownership in HubSpot CRM Choose which users see everything, and which users see only the records they own.
  32. 32. Deal Stages
  33. 33. Sales Can Use Marketing Data Reps can use marketing data to surface the best leads to follow up with.
  34. 34. Sales Can Use Marketing Data Reps can tailor their approach based on a prospect’s interests and behavior.
  35. 35. Marketing Can Use Sales Data Marketers get access to data on sales that they can
 use to segment.
  36. 36. Marketing Can Use Sales Data Marketers can leverage their tools to
 support the sales process
  37. 37. Our Panel 4
  38. 38. CRM Benchmarks
  39. 39. ● Brianna Blaney, TPD ● Sean Hougan, Bonzai Intranet ● Jeff Pelletier, Basetwo Media ● Stewart X, Uklipz CRM Panelists
  40. 40. ● How are you using the tool? ● What do you dislike and like about it (ease-of-use, features, mobile UX, analytics, integration with marketing)? ● How does it compare to other tools you've used or evaluated? ● What are some of the things to look for when evaluating this and other CRMs? ● What tips do you have for current users? Panelist Questions
  41. 41. Q&A 5
  42. 42. Check it out here: Learn more about 
 Inbound Sales
  43. 43. Thank You!