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Programming 4 kids


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Programming for kids

Published in: Education, Technology
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Programming 4 kids

  1. 1. Programming 4 Kids
  2. 2. “Dad, I want to learn to program” Arthur, 11 years-old
  3. 3. Some Random Ideas...
  4. 4. SStrengths
  5. 5. SStrengths W Weaknesses
  6. 6. S Strengths W Weaknesses OOpportunities
  7. 7. S Strengths W Weaknesses O TOpportunities Threats
  8. 8. S Strengths• Programming languages are freely available• Many kids have a computer!• We’ve a strong Developer community in Belgium• IT is a great career for boys AND girls!• ...
  9. 9. W Weaknesses• No books available in our language(s)• Programming is in English• Where to go online?• ...
  10. 10. T Threats• Nobody is interested!?• What’s already out there?• What about schools?• Is it worth our effort?• ...
  11. 11. • Lets make it also fun for us!• Robots & Toys programming :) O • Think “Turtles” Opportunities• Organize a Belgian road show workshop• Create a website with resources• Use Parleys for online training• Devoxx4Kids (Think International)• Contact Lego, companies and schools• ...
  12. 12. Resources?
  13. 13. Questions & Suggestions
  14. 14. Tutorials Website Workshop Next Actions? ...
  15. 15. Actions• Write meeting minutes• Setup Doodle for next meeting• Setup Google Group, Facebook, Linkedin• Setup website • Add resources • Both in English, Dutch, French and German• Organize a dry-run workshop this Summer