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Metro peds proposal 8


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Just What the Doctor Ordered :-)

Published in: Design
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Metro peds proposal 8

  1. 1. Well Waiting Room – green wallTitle: No Fear and DailyCatchMedium: PostersImage Size: 16x16Finished Size: 24x24Framing Suggestion:Glass, Mat and FramePrice: $264 each
  2. 2. Well Waiting Room – Right WallTitle: Joy Ride and DailyCatchMedium: PostersImage Size:Finished Size: 26x26 eachFraming Suggestion: 2” to4” mats and 1’’ Frame andnon-glare glassPrice: $284 each
  3. 3. Waiting Room Between WindowsTitle: Mommouth RoseMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 20x20Finished Size: 24x24Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $264Title: MirabelleMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 22x13Finished Size: 26x17Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $240
  4. 4. Waiting Room – Blue WallTitle: Central Park, EllisPark and A Piece of TreeMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 18x18 and18x14Finished Size: 22x22 and22x18Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $269 for 2 and$225 for center piece
  5. 5. Next to Reception DeskTitle: LaurelMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 26x26Finished Size: 30x30Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $454
  6. 6. Hallway next to Reception DeskTitle: Fish in Love andPoisson HeureuxMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size:Finished Size: 34x34 eachImage Size:30x30Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $450 each
  7. 7. General Hallway tbdTitle: Birthday PartyMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 20x24Finished Size: 24x28Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $275
  8. 8. General Hallway tbdTitle: Playing at the RiverMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 20x27Finished Size: 31x24Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $300
  9. 9. General Hallway tbdTitle: Kitty Family,Alphabet Zoo and DoggyFamilyMedium: PostersImage Sizes: 12x12.25 and22x38Finished Size: 20x20.5 and30x46Framing Suggestion: 3’’Mat, 1’’ Frame and non-glare glassPrice: $225 each for kittyand doggy pieces$450 alphabet zoo
  10. 10. General Hallway tbdTitle: Busy HandsMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 30x15Finished Size: 34x19Framing Suggestion: 2’’FramePrice: $325
  11. 11. Doctors OfficeTitle: MoustiqueMedium: Giclee on CanvasImage Size: 22x17Finished Size: 24x19Framing Suggestion: 1’’Floater FramePrice: $250.00
  12. 12. Frames1’’ and 2’’ choices