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Presentation Opencourseware KU Leuven on Diverse 2012


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Presentation Opencourseware KU Leuven on Diverse 2012

  1. 1. OpenCourseWare KU Leuven FRED TRUYEN1, WIM VAN PETEGEM2, STEPHANIE VERBEKEN1,2 1 KULeuven – Faculty of Arts 2 KU Leuven - Media & Learning Unit
  2. 2. Time
  3. 3. Content• OCW – what? – why? – how?• The pilot courses• Example: Open Course "Leren, Onderwijzen en Evalueren" ("Learning, Teaching and Evaluating")
  4. 4. OpenCourseWare KU LeuvenWhat? Why? How?
  5. 5. What?• Open Courses, freely accessible• Include all educational resources that are part of a course: – course texts and other materials – lectures (weblectures) – study guide – selftests – coursespecific materials• Using a Creative Commons License• No accreditation or qualification (university)
  6. 6. Why?• Exposure: – KU Leuven: presence in academic world, online, as a provider of (high quality) knowledge and research – individual professors: sharing expertise with a wide audience (social relevant knowledge) as well as in his/her expertise network• Mainstreaming: – Increasing impact on learning contents in HE in Flanders (and beyond) (= role that KU Leuven should take in society)
  7. 7. Why?• Internationalisation – Importance of language diversity – Enhance student mobility• Quality control – Feedback from stakeholders / knowledge domain / expertise network – Innovation/Creativity will be valued• Bond with stakeholders – Professionalisation – Life Long Learning – Example: Pentalfa
  8. 8. OCW Europe
  9. 9. How?• 5 pilot courses – Out of 8000+ Blackboard courses – Different characteristics when it comes to • didactics • content • (especially) target groups• Technical: Development of a website (Plone), including all educational resources – content – learning process
  10. 10. Five pilot coursesPentalfa Professionalisation for Faculty of Medicine Flemish physicians (LLL)Moral Philosophy Bachelors course Faculty of PhilosopyWeb Literacy Faculty of Arts Bachelors + Masters course Faculty of Psychology & Educational SciencesInstructional psychology and Technology Bachelors course + used in Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences Teacher Education at KU LeuvenTechnology for Society General course for several Faculty of Engineering Science Bachelors and Masters studies
  11. 11. The learning process in OCW• Study guide provides all information about acquiring knowledge and competences in open course – exercices with keys – selftest with keys – FAQs – (discussion forum?)• Study guide ≠ ECTS-form: – advice in learning process – links to other OERs and interesting materials
  12. 12. Example Open Course:"Leren, Onderwijzen en Evalueren" by Prof. Dr. J. Elen Click
  13. 13. Discussion
  14. 14. Discussion• Advice when it comes to the embedding of OCW structurally in KU Leuven?• Experiences?• Questions?
  15. 15. Thank you for your attentionContact:• Prof. Dr. Frederik Truyen – Promotor• Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim Van Petegem – Co-promotor• Stephanie Verbeken – Project Assistant