OCW KU Leuven @ OCWC Global 2013 (Bali)


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This story has been told by Stephanie at the annual conference of the OpenCourseWare Consortium

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OCW KU Leuven @ OCWC Global 2013 (Bali)

  1. 1. http://ocw.kuleuven.bestephanie.verbeken@kuleuven.behttp://ocw.kuleuven.be@stephanie_vrbknStephanie VerbekenOCW KU LEUVEN2013|05|08 – OCW Global Conference
  2. 2. http://ocw.kuleuven.bePresentation by Stephanie Verbekenis licensed undera Creative Commons Attribution2.0 Belgium License.CreativeCommons
  3. 3. http://ocw.kuleuven.beindex<1>Introduction<1><2>OCW KU Leuven: situation<2><3>Use of Study Guides <3><4>OCW Europe <4>
  4. 4. http://ocw.kuleuven.beINTRODUCTION
  5. 5. http://ocw.kuleuven.beWhoamI? • Educational Technologist @ Teaching &Learning Department of KU Leuven• OCW developer• No professor/teacherSlideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/stephanieverbeken
  6. 6. http://ocw.kuleuven.beOCW KU LEUVEN: SITUATION
  7. 7. http://ocw.kuleuven.beFacts&figures • Educational project in pilot phase (2011-2014)• 4 courses fully online andfunctional– 2 in Dutch– 2 in English• 4 different facultiesinvolved (Arts, EducationalSciences, Engineering andMaths)• Nearly50weblectures• KU Leuven 1st member of OCW Consortium inBelgium
  8. 8. http://ocw.kuleuven.beInthepipeline • 7 new courses to be published in 2013/2014• From 4additional faculties• Improve study guides• Resolving remaining copyright issues
  9. 9. http://ocw.kuleuven.beConsiderations • Interactivity : forums, self- andpeer-evaluation• Supporting faculty members in creating OER• Composing educational teams• Cooperation: Blackboard  Open environment
  10. 10. http://ocw.kuleuven.beSTUDY GUIDESIN OCW KU LEUVEN
  11. 11. http://ocw.kuleuven.beOrigin:Learningparadigm • Autonomousand flexiblelearning• Anytime, anyplace, anypace• Active knowledgeconstruction• Learning happens socially• Learning is more thanreceivinginformation
  12. 12. http://ocw.kuleuven.beAim • Guiding learners through the learningprocess (deliveringinformation)• Exposure: adding a specific KU Leuven touch
  13. 13. http://ocw.kuleuven.beDesign • Informative part– Learning outcome– Evaluation– Studymaterials• Schedule• Learning strategy (preferably a video)• Hyperlinks– Referraltoother (O)ER– Referraltootherperspectives
  14. 14. http://ocw.kuleuven.beOCW EUROPE
  15. 15. http://ocw.kuleuven.beGoals “OpenCourseWare in European HE context: howto makeuse of its fullpotentialforVirtualMobility?”• European OCW Network to exchangeexperiences• WP KU Leuven:– Handbookon student mobility– Survey– Video productions to promote the use of OCW incontext of Student Mobility
  16. 16. http://ocw.kuleuven.beDeliverable1:Survey• Target group: verybroad, anypotential userof OCW• Goal:– Situation: how (much) is OCW beingused?– Assessinglearners’ motivations to participate inan Open Course– Validation of scenarios (WP1) onhow to useOCW in context of (V)SM
  17. 17. http://ocw.kuleuven.beDeliverable1:Survey• Link to the survey:https://websurvey.kuleuven.be/index.php?sid=5596&lang=enPlease, take 10’ time to fill in the survey.Thankyou
  18. 18. http://ocw.kuleuven.beDeliverable2:Videoproductions• Video 1: traileronhttp://vimeo.com/65303079• Release of the full movie in Workshop OCWEurope Madrid• Message: “Flexibility of Open Education”– Anyplace– Anytime– Anypace
  19. 19. http://ocw.kuleuven.beDeliverable2:VideoproductionsVideo 2: Animation Videoabout the use of OCWthroughouta girl’slife
  20. 20. http://ocw.kuleuven.beDeliverable3:StudentMobilityHandbook• Recommendationsforimplementing OCW• Description of severalscenariosonhow to useOCW
  21. 21. http://ocw.kuleuven.beWorkshopOCWEurope • June 11-12, 2013 in Madrid (Spain)• Target group: policy makers, faculty, students• Content– Scenariosonuse of OCW in context of (Virtual)Student Mobility– Recommendationsforpolicy, faculty and students– First surveyresults– Presentation of the videos
  22. 22. http://ocw.kuleuven.beWorkshopOCWEurope • More information athttp://www.opencourseware.eu/events/madrid-workshop
  23. 23. http://ocw.kuleuven.beQUESTIONS?FEEDBACK?OPINIONS?
  24. 24. http://ocw.kuleuven.beContactstephanie.verbeken@kuleuven.beocw@kuleuven.be@st ephani e_vr bkn@ocw_kul euven