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How to Use Pinterest as a Brand


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An intro on the basics of Pinterest, including how to get started using it, plus case studies of creative applications from local, national, and international brands.

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How to Use Pinterest as a Brand

  1. 1. How to use
  2. 2. What is Pinterest?● A social photo sharing and bookmarking site, where users organize images from around the web into themed pinboards.● Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, repin images to their own collections and/or like photos.
  3. 3. Why Pinterest?● It is now the third most popular social network behind Facebook and Twitter.● Its the fastest growing social network and reached 18.7 million unique visitors in the U.S. in March.
  4. 4. Board: A categorizedcollection of images.
  5. 5. Pin: an image on a board. Itcan be added from a website oruploaded from your computer.
  6. 6. Repin: copying a pin fromanother users board to oneof your boards.
  7. 7. Like: shows that you enjoya pin. It will appear on yourpage of likes.
  8. 8. Tag: typing "@username" willcreate a hyperlink to thatusers profile.
  9. 9. Hashtag: typing "#word" willhyperlink it to a search for thatterm.
  10. 10. Following: that users pins willappear in real-time on yourPinterest home page.
  11. 11. Pin it button: a button you canadd to your browser so you canpin images from any website.You can add a pin it button toyour website and blog.
  12. 12. How to use Pinterest Lets try it out...
  13. 13. Creative ApplicationSephora - How a global brand is harnessing Pinterest- Take advantage of the memetic web- Equip your clients to spread word of your product for you- Aggregating 2nd and 3rd tier platforms into your website
  14. 14. Creative ApplicationWhole Foods - a brand with LOTS of personality- Showing interest in parallel and unrelated fields- Building a brand around ideas, not products- Using social advocacy to grow your base
  15. 15. Creative ApplicationSacramento Public Library - rebranding- Framing the conversation, changing perceptions- Anchoring the library to the community- Curation