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Research powerpoint

  1. 1. Aims & Objectives
  2. 2. Aims & Objectives  Initial Objectives Aims  1) To set up software so the To make the website viewers can buy products online. interactive.  2) Be easy to follow through so To produce an that the viewers can see each piece and comment. Esthetically pleasing  3) to add colours to the website website. so it is eye catching. 4) add To be able to photos so there is not as much text on the website. purchase products  5) I will watch tutorials to find from the website. out how to create a website where it is possible to purchase To develop my online. understanding of  6) I will look at other websites creating a website. all ready available so I make sure mine is eye-catching and meets the targets needs.
  3. 3. Existing Solutions Research
  4. 4. URL: Elements of the design you like: I think that this website is a simple but creative website. It is easy to follow and has a creative design. I think that it is filled with relevant information. Elements of the design you dislike: I think that for some parts of the website is too simple. Although I don’t think the website should be too complex there needs to be more information on this website. I think that The use of more photographs could makeSite: Kyley Campbell website more appealing. Any feature you think is missing: There is no way of purchasing the products on this website. I want people to be able to purchase of
  5. 5. Elements of the design you like: I like the tiffany and co. design because I think it incorporates all the necessary information that the target group needs. I also think that the website has an easy layout. The homepage contains multiple tabs that link to other aspects of the website, it also has some basic information at the bottom such as contact details. You can easily purchase products from the website Elements of the design you don’t like: I don’t like how theSite: Tiffany & co. website does not have much contrast of colour. It is extremely URL: blue and there is not a lot of other colours. I think to improve this website would be to make it more eye-catching towards the target group.
  6. 6. Website: of the design I like: I like the use of colour in the website design. Although the websitesells a lot more than just jewelry, I like how simple the design is and how there is not a lot ofinformation on it. On the website there is a slide show of pictures. I think that for the homepageof a website this is good way to show the viewers straight away what the website is selling.
  7. 7. Possible Tools Comparative Research
  8. 8. Work space: I can use Site: webs is online so I can edit this space to develop the website online. the website. Tool Name: WEBS Purpose: webs is a site used so people can create websites. Features: On this site I can upload text pictures, videos and audio recordings. I think that this will be helpful because I will be able to create a working website. Pluses (things you think are good about this tool): This is a very important tool because I can use it to create my website and add all the information I need. Uploading: I can also use the tool bar to upload images text videos Minuses (things you think are notThe toolbar:I can use the tool ext. I think that this will be important so good about this tool): I thinkbar to add text to so I can show the products and that this site might limit the way Ithe website and upload videos of information. present the information.change the layout
  9. 9. Tool name: PayPalPurpose: The point of thetool PayPal is so thatpeople can purchaseproducts of the website.My client wants to beable to have people buyjewelry of the websiteand I think by embeddingthis into the website thisis possible.Positives: This way ofpurchasing is easy tomanage and simple forpeople to understand. Ithink that this will benefitthe viewers.
  10. 10. Shopify can be used to sell You can choose from manyproducts online. different templates so it is Tool name: simple to use. Shopify Purpose: The point of this website it to create an online shop. It helps create a website that people can purchase products off. Positives: I think that this website is very helpful because you can keep control over the products well. It is designed to sell rather than to be a website so will be easier to manage. Negative: The website is run of templates so I don’t think I will have as much flexibilityYou can add apps to the The products are managed with my website to make it more easily by the site owner.interactive with theviewers.
  11. 11. Client Contact
  12. 12. Client Contact Client Communication (interview)  Client ObjectivesQ: what do you want to achieve with this website?A: I want to be able to advertise my products online to My client wants to be able to have a the wider community. I would also like the products to be sold online. working website that is interactiveQ: What sort of information would you like on the website? with the viewers.A: I would like there to be information about myself, each of the pieces, such as what they were made of and how they were created, also some basic contact information so if there are any issues about any of She wants the website to be eye the products they can email or call. catching and informative to theQ: What do you want the website to look like?A: I would like the website to be interesting for the viewers. viewers. I would also like there to be colours on the website. I think that there should be pictures of each product so that the readers can see the work.Q: How do you want this website to be advertized? She wants people to be able toA: Ideally, I would like the website to be on my business purchase the products from the card. I also think that for it to be shared on sites such as Facebook could open up some more possibilities. website. I think that when the website is done it can be shared around Facebook for many people to see.Q: Whats the age range you are looking at to sell these products to? She wants the website to be easilyA: The products that are being produced are silver accessed so people can view the products so they are targeted at adults rather than teenagers and children. products and purchase them.
  13. 13. Other Secondary Research Tutorials Seen  Tutorials seen:  /watch?v=IKju2XfdvY4 /watch?v=hwA08kzrxgI is a link to a website that teaches people how to sell products online. This is a very hewebsite because I have found out how to embed PayPal into my website. This will help meselling products online.
  14. 14. Planning Mindmap