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Nurses finish education before traveling


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Nurses finish education before traveling

  1. 1. Nurses: Finish Education before TravelingBecause of the high availability of travel nursing jobs around the country, theres a temptation among younger nursingstudents to try to take a traveling job as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and put off becoming a registered nurse (RN)until later. While thats certainly a viable option within the current medical climate, it may not necessarily be the bestone. If this is something youre thinking about, you might want to consider a couple of things first: the availability of travel assignments for LPNs the difficulty of restarting your education the potential delay of marriage and familyTravel Jobs for LPNs Doing a cursory Google search clearly shows theres plenty of work available for the travel RN. But for the LPN thats not always the case. There is work out there, but its not as plentiful as it is for the RN due to the fact that most travel nursing jobs are staff level positions. Furthermore, any healthcare facility can plug holes in its LPN staffing by temporarily using RNs looking for overtime or simply delegating more tasks to CNAs. But state licensing regulations mean you cant go in the other direction. When RN staffing holes exist, they have to be filled using other RNs. Restarting Your EducationThis might potentially be the most important consideration of all. If you eventually want to be a travel RN, youre goingto need to stop traveling and go back to school; unless, that is, you can find an assignment with a long enough contractto allow you to stay in that city and complete your education. But the chances of that happening are not so great. Whenits time to go back to school, certain choices have to be made; choices that become more difficult with every passingyear.While youre currently in school, it makes sense to just stick with it and get it done. You can probably work locally as anLPN while youre studying, so at least youre bringing in money and getting some valuable experience. But if youinterrupt your education to take a travel nursing job, youre probably going to find it more difficult to restart youreducation and career later on. Thats the very reason why so many adults find themselves trapped working in jobs theynever intended to take.Marriage and FamilyFinally, your plans for marriage and family are another important part of the equation. If you plan to have kids someday,youll probably find it impossible to raise them, work, and go to school all the same time. Youre better off finishing youreducation now, taking a travel RN position when youre through, and then stopping and settling down when youre readyto have children.If circumstances in your life change, you can always alter your plans to accommodate them. But by setting out toaccomplish things in this order you will be maximizing the likelihood that youll succeed with both your career and familygoals.Search for great nursing travel jobs and RN nursing positions at RN Network! The RN Network offers amazing travelingnurse jobs with great pay and benefits. Updated daily with 100s of new traveling nurse Jobs.