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Collecting memories as a travel nurse


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Collecting memories as a travel nurse

  1. 1. Collecting Memories as a Travel NurseTravel nursing jobs offer a long list of benefits, not the least of which is the ability to see different parts of the country oreven different countries altogether. For nurses who love the idea of traveling, it is the best of both worlds. Imaginegetting to work at a job you love in scenic locations youve always dreamed of visiting. Does a career get any better? On the other hand, one of the downsides is experiencing all of these new places only to realize a couple of years down the road youve forgotten many of the significant details. It happens to all of us. Fortunately there are some things you can do to help avoid fading memories. The following suggestions come from experts around the country. 1. Take Lots of Pictures - The need to take lots of pictures probably goes without saying. Personally, I like to take more pictures than I think Ill need so that I can sift through them later and discard the ones I really dont want. In any case,pictures are always a good way to stimulate memories several years after the fact. Just be sure to assign them names,dates, and labels that will help you remember the circumstances surrounding them.2. Get to Know Locals - One of the misconceptions many of us have is the idea that Americans are the same no matterwhere you go on the country. Thats just not true. If youve traveled for any length of time, you know that the cultures ofplaces like New York City and New Orleans are completely different. But you dont learn a whole lot about culture simplyby dining out and going to entertainment events. You learn about culture by learning about people. Some of yourfondest memories of travel nursing jobs should be the people youve met and the experiences you shared.3. Collect Memorabilia - Another helpful tip is to collect memorabilia along the way. You obviously dont want to bepurchasing large items as a traveling nurse, but there are plenty of very small and portable things that can help keep thememories alive. Consider things like postcards, T-shirts, and embroidered patches or refrigerator magnets bearing thestate or city name.4. Keep a Journal - Keeping a journal is something many healthcare professionals do anyway, but its especially helpfulfor those in travel nursing jobs. Write down the cities where youve been, the facility youve worked at, the names ofsome of the people you met, and any important stories that say something about your experience. Browsing throughyour journal when you have a few days off can do a great deal to refuel your batteries.Travel nursing jobs are a great opportunity to experience things not available to those who have chosen other careers. Somake the most of it by making great memories. Youll have lots of stories to tell your grandkids; stories that will warmtheir hearts and brighten your days.Search for great traveling nursing jobs and RN nursing positions at RN Network travel nurse agency! The RN Networkoffers amazing travel nurse jobs with great pay and benefits. Updated daily with 100s of new traveling nurse Jobs.