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About me ppt


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About me ppt

  1. 1. About me: the powerpointBy: Stephanie LopezDate
  2. 2. Who am I?✤ A little bit of a gamer✤ A premed student✤ An amateur artist✤ An Aggie
  3. 3. What I like...✤ Art✤ Pastries✤ Mangos✤ Biology✤ Rainy days✤ Reading
  4. 4. My Artwork✤ My first major high school project
  5. 5. ✤ A small piece made summer of senior year
  6. 6. ✤ Took me almost all of Freshman year to finish
  7. 7. ✤ Made this one last summer as a gift to a younger cousin of mine
  8. 8. ✤ Very first art project in college for Life Drawing last semester
  9. 9. ✤ Currently in progress, delayed because of MCAT prep =( but will hopefully be finished by May
  10. 10. The End