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WordPress Tips and Tricks (DFW Meetup)


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Published in: Technology
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WordPress Tips and Tricks (DFW Meetup)

  1. Tips and TricksStephanie Leary @sleary
  2. Who am I?••• @sleary• stephanieleary
  3. Importing
  4. I’ve imported from...• Blogger • Joomla• Movable Type • Drupal• Textpattern • Twitter• LiveJournal • Gallery2• • Delicious• CSV files • HTML files
  5. Uncommon Imports
  6. HTML Import
  7. Secrets ofHappy Importing
  8. Preparation• Back up• Prepare to undo• Import on development server • Or turn on maintenance mode• Turn off crossposting plugins• Use absolute URLs for linked files
  9. Plugins• DB Backup• Mass Page Remover• WordPress Reset• Maintenance Mode
  10. WordPress export• Posts, pages, comments, authors• Uploads optional• No settings• No menus in 3.0 (fixed in 3.1)• Category slug issues (fixed in 3.1)• Skips users with no posts
  11. Uncommon imports• Twitter• Delicious• Gallery2• HTML
  12. Uncommon imports• Joomla/Mambo • 1.0 to WP 2.7x: • 1.5 to WP 3.0x: joomla-15-importer/• Drupal • 6.x to WP 2.7x: • 5.x to WP 2.7x:• CSV
  13. After importing• Search & Replace• Redirection• Add Linked Images to Gallery to-gallery-v01/
  14. ?
  15. Screen Options
  16. Bulk Edit
  17. Private Status
  18. Short Links the_shortlink();
  19. Good Permalinks• Include any numeric code• DON’T use: /%category%/%postname%/• Why?
  20. Dashboard Feeds
  21. Options.php
  23. Hidden Feeds
  24. Feed Default URL Clean URL /?feed=rss2 /feed Basic /?feed=atom /feed/atom /?feed=comments-rss2 /comments/feed Comments /?feed=comments-atom /comments/feed/atom Category /?feed=rss2&cat=1 /category/news/feed(ID: 1, slug: news) /?feed=atom&cat=1 /category/news/feed/atom Tag /?feed=rss2&tag=book /tag/book/feed (slug: book) /?feed=atom&tag=book /tag/book/feed/atom Tags /?feed=rss2&tag=book+dvd /tag/book+dvd/feed(slugs: book, dvd) /?feed=atom&tag=book+dvd /tag/book+dvd/feed/atom
  25. Feed Default URL Clean URL Author /?feed=rss2&author=2 /author/joe/feed (ID: 2,nickname: Joe) /?feed=atom&author=2 /author/joe/feed/atomPost Type /?feed=rss2&post_type=page /feed/?post_type=page(page; course) /?feed=atom&post_type=course /feed/atom/?post_type=courseTaxonomy /?feed=rss2&genre=mystery /genre/mystery/feed (genre: mystery) /?feed=atom&genre=mystery /genre/mystery/feed/atom Search /?feed=rss2&s=wordpress /feed/?s=wordpress Term /?feed=atom&s=wordpress /feed/atom/?s=wordpress (wordpress)
  26. Filters
  27. Shortcodes in Widgets add_filter( widget_text, shortcode_unautop); add_filter( widget_text, do_shortcode);
  28. List Child Pagesfunction append_child_pages( $content ) { $children = ; if ( is_page() && (empty( $content )) ) { global $post; $children = <ul class="childpages"> .wp_list_pages(echo=0&title_li=&child_of=.$post->ID) .</ul>; } return $content.$children;}add_filter( the_content , append_child_pages );
  29. User Contact Infofunction change_contactmethod( $contactmethods ) { // Add some fields $contactmethods[twitter] = Twitter Name (no @); $contactmethods[phone] = Phone Number; $contactmethods[title] = Title; // Remove AIM, Yahoo IM, Google Talk/Jabber unset($contactmethods[aim]); unset($contactmethods[yim]); unset($contactmethods[jabber]); // make it go! return $contactmethods;}add_filter(user_contactmethods,change_contactmethod,10,1);
  31. EvaluatingThemes & Plugins
  32. Evilness• base64()• eval()• links you can’t remove• etc.• get things from!
  33. Exploit Scanner
  34. ?
  35. New in 3.1• admin bar• internal links• network admin• sortable columns• better theme search
  36. New in 3.1• post formats• custom post type archives• hidden meta boxes• advanced taxonomy queries
  37. For Developers• user_can• get_users• has_term• single_term_title
  38. For Developers• get_ancestors• set_post_thumbnail• esc_textarea• submit_button
  39. Thank you. Stephanie Leary @sleary