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Lessons learned from 8 years of educational transformation (AAPT 2014)


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In 2005, the Science Education Initiative (SEI) at the University of Colorado was launched as a 5 million-dollar, university-funded project to support departments in improving science education ( The SEI has funded work across 7 STEM departments and dozens of courses to institute a scientific approach to educational reform driven by three questions: What should students learn? What are students learning? Which instructional approaches improve student learning? The SEI is structured with a small team of central staff, and a cohort of Science Teaching Fellows – postdocs, hired into individual departments, who partner with faculty to identify learning goals, develop instructional materials, and research student learning. Key elements of the program are its departmental focus and bottom-up structure. As the SEI draws to a close, we have an opportunity to reflect upon the impacts of the program. This talk will highlight the outcomes of the SEI model, including both affordances, and lessons learned.

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