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  1. 1. Kathryn N. Dulemba2023 Boylston Avenue EastSeattle WA 98102June 21, 2011To Whom it may Concern:I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Stephanie Chambers. For the past year I worked closelywith Stephanie at Brown Shoe Company in the Franco Sarto division.Stephanie’s zest for life and her passion for her work made her a joy to communicate with on a daily basis.She tackled each and every challenge with a smile and fierce determination. She consistently identified theissue at hand, found multiple ways to come to a solution, and followed through when needed.One strong example that exemplifies Stephanie’s dedication was during our new reporting system conversionin early Spring 2011. For several months after the transition, Stephanie would report to work on each andevery weekend, to help management work through reporting errors and problems with the system. That is atrue example of teamwork, passion, and problem solving initiative.As an Account Executive I am often in the field and traveling on the road, I need top notch CustomerService representatives to service my accounts. They are critical to having successful selling- and happycustomers. I can say with all honesty that Stephanie set the bar for excellence at Brown Shoe Companyduring her time in the Franco Sarto division. She was consistently polite, helpful, and honest when workingwith customers- many times I had customers tell me how fantastic she was to work with!Ms. Chambers is a diamond in the rough- she would be a fantastic asset to any team – her charmingpersonality, strong work ethic, and determination will help her to succeed. If you have any questionsregarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely,Kathryn N. DulembaAccount Executive, Brown Shoe Company360.213.3498
  2. 2. September 22, 2008To Whom It May Concern:It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Stephanie Chambers. I have known Stephanie since2007. We became acquainted through her employment with Neiman Marcus as Assistant PRCoordinator. One of Stephanie’s many responsibilities is booking talent for various events throughoutthe store. We communicate on a weekly/daily basis via phone and internet.As an Assistant Public Relations Coordinator, Stephanie demonstrates a level of professionalism that Irespect, admire and count on. I am impressed with her talent for organization and her sense ofresponsibility as a coordinator. She communicates the needs of the store and outlines the bookings weconfirm with follow-up emails including all the details to be relayed to each individual talent on a dailybasis. She is supportive is opening the doors for new talent which we appreciate a deal at our agency.In addition, she understands the necessary qualities for exceptional talent to be working at NeimanMarcus and this is reflected at all events.In addition, Stephanie has a strong desire for community/charity involvement that I greatly admire. Sheis currently organizing a model search that will not only benefit our agency but is a fundraiser for a localcancer charity.Her dedication, professionalism and motivation as an Assistant Public Relations Manager will serve herwell as she embarks on new challenges. I highly recommend Stephanie for any endeavor she chooses toundertake in reaching this goal. I truly believe she will be a great asset to any corporation she choosesto work with.Sincerely,Gail LasaterDirectorWest Model & Talent
  3. 3. Robert Meinert16540 Hunters CrossingWildwood, MO 63040November 25, 2009To Whom it may Concern:I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Stephanie Chambers. Until just recently, I havebeen on the public relations executive team overseeing Stephanie for several years. I found her to beconsistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. During this time, she was an effective communicator, often serving as a liaison to clients,employees, and the community. Stephanie leads by example and many people here find herenthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. She coordinated projects involvingnumerous people, and her ability to work collaboratively while guiding the project quickly andeffectively was outstanding.While working with public relations, I often relied on Stephanie to put together creativepresentations, for which she described and outlined the marketing approach to the project,researching client’s preferences and the communities’ needs. Her creativity, resourcefulness, andability to see a project through really made these presentations distinctive and successful.As part of the management team Stephanie worked hard to build authentic relationships with clients,employees, and the community. In doing so she successfully developed several marketing strategiesfor our store that have resulted in incremental sales revenue.It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Stephanie without reservation. I feelconfident that with her drive and abilities she will succeed. If you have any questions regarding thisrecommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely,Robert Meinert
  4. 4. February 16, 2009To Whom It Mary Concern:I have known Stephanie Chambers through family connections for more than ten years. We beganworking together a year ago when she joined Neiman Marcus as our Public Relations Coordinator. Asthe store manager’s Executive Assistant, our duties often overlap.Stephanie has been wonderful to work with. She has a positive can do attitude and takes on every taskwith enthusiasm and enterprise. She takes demands of her job seriously, paying attention to everydetail with a maturity beyond her years.After a very short time as part of our Neiman Marcus team, Stephanie gained the respect of each of ourassociates as a team member who could be counted on to see each event to fruition and she even tookthe initiative on many fronts, covering tasks that were not her initial responsibility.I believe Stephanie would be an asset in any business arena. She has been a joy to work with here atNeiman Marcus and will truly be missed. I am proud to be counted as one of her references.Sincerely,Rosalind CappsExecutive AssistantNeiman Marcus, St. Louis314.567.9811