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Cat Sleep Solutions


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Cat Sleep Solutions

  1. 1. Release mice at night to keep the cats busy.Set up water bottles to spray the cats when theyapproach the bed.Set up an invisible fence system.Put the cats in a sound proof room.Create a laser light show in the living room to keepthe cats busy.
  2. 2. Make scavenger hunt out of food to keep thecats busy.Tranquilize the cats.Provide cats with lots of cat nip.Build a moat out of milk around the bed.Sell cats to the circus.
  3. 3. Crate train cats.Swaddle cats in blankets.Create Kitty TV Show (i.e. The Late, Late Cat Showstarring Catman O’Brien) to keep the catsentertained.Have Puppy Patrol on guard.Sleep with a cage over the bed.
  4. 4. Set up tennis ball shooter with foam balls forentertainment.Set up lots of fish aquariums for entertainment.Create kitty tree house for kitty camping.Make individual cat bedrooms with cat beds.Sleep with an invisibility cloak.
  5. 5. Sleep in the car.Hire nightly cat nannies.Sound proof and scratch proof all walls and doors.Set up sound barrier that emits a higher pitch sound(humans can not hear) that the cats do not like whenthe barrier is approached.Set up a room full of yarn for entertainment.
  6. 6. Create a maze out of cardboard boxes.Hang cat toys from the ceiling.Camp outside.Sleep under the bed and barricade yourself underthe bed.Hang your bed from the ceiling and raise it at night.
  7. 7. Take Nyquil nightly.Roll in dog fur before sleeping.Have jack in the boxes set up to scare the cats whenthey approach the bed.Cover all the walls in one room with mirrors.Put mannequins in bed and sleep in another room.
  8. 8. Create a robot that pets and feeds cats at night.Set up trap doors around the bed that are attached toslides that lead back to another room.Sleep in the basement.Build a cat-in-law suite for the cats to sleep in.Set up fans around the bed that are triggered bymotion.
  9. 9. Put tons of cardboard boxes in one room to keep the catsentertained.Leave gift wrap out for the cats to crinkle and play with.Play with the cats so much during the day that they areexhausted.Put the cats on a treadmill.Do not let the cats sleep during the day; train them tosleep during the night.
  10. 10. Put fake hamsters in hamster balls.Sleep in the bathtub.Bore the cats into slumber with the HallmarkChannel!Sleep during the day.Grow lots of kitty grass.
  11. 11. Bring the cats to school so that they are tried from along day of work.Put lots of Christmas trees in a room for the cats toclimb.Kitty hypnotherapy.Hang cat toys from the ceiling.Fill baskets with clean, neatly folded clothes. Thecats will want to sleep in the baskets.
  12. 12. Hide tuna cans throughout the house.Teach the cats to pet each other.Teach the cats to pet themselves.Set up motion detected cat feeder.Set up motion detected cat water fountain.
  13. 13. Set alarms that go off every 10 minutes during theday to keep the cats up.Create kitty back scratchers.Dark curtains to keep the light out as long aspossible.Wear ear plugs.Sleep on a water bed.
  14. 14. Roll back and forth until the cats stop walking on you.Feed the cats before bed.Give the cats a lavender scented bed and relaxingmusic.Kitty nightly massages.Give special treat if the cats do not wake you up.
  15. 15. Ignore the cats.Spray a scent that the cats do not like on thebedding.Give kitty baths if the cats wake you up.Create cozy nooks with cat beds.Use heated blankets to imitate body heat of a person.
  16. 16. Install an indoor sprinkler system.Create a maze around the bed.Fill the room with ball pit balls to make it difficultto get to the bed.Leave smelly shoes around the bed.Giant Kitty Dance Dance Revolution game mat.
  17. 17. Sleep on a raft in a pool.Sleep with the vacuum on.Chase the cats before bed.Put the cats in giant hamster balls.Put cats outside in a catio.
  18. 18. Sleep on the couch with eyelids taped open to foolthe cats into thinking we’re awake.Give cats children’s cough medicine.Find each other a significant other to sleep with.Cover husband in cat nip so that they bother himinstead of me.Put lots of bird feeders outside to attract lots of birdsand squirrels. Good kitty entertainment.
  19. 19. Install a door bell alarm that sounds when the catsjump on the bed.Sleep in cage.Hang food from the ceiling just out of reach of thecats.Sleep during the daytime.Get new cats that don’t wake you up.
  20. 20. Get a larger bed.Surround the bed with leaves to distract the cats.Make cat sized sleep masks.Pray a lot.Make a bed out of trampoline material so that whenthey jump on, they bounce out.