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Construction & development double page spread.


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Construction & development double page spread.

  1. 1. Construction & Development - Double page spread.
  2. 2. Understanding Conventions.• The page layout I have chosen was inspired by various magazines. I chose all of my favourite aspects about them and incorporated them in my work and made them my own. There are 3 main aspects of my layout that was inspired by other magazines such as vibe and Q. My main picture fills one side of the pages this was inspired by another magazine. I made it my own by putting a black outline around it with a thinner white line inside the black. This makes the image stand out more. The three lines on the right was also inspired by another magazine, vibe, in which there’s was right across the page where as mine is only on half. They work really well as it creates a divide between the artist name and the information/interview. The last thing that was inspired by standard conventions of another magazine is the faded L’s behind the writing. I made this my own by fading them by reducing the opacity and using two to represent the artists name. I also included the quote in the middle of the information, this was influenced by standard conventions. All of these aspects make my layout work as it is clear where everything is and there’s a clear divide between each section.
  3. 3. Understanding Conventions.• The style of my double page spread is like the theme through my magazine following the pop/teenage look. This is defiantly reflected through my double page spread as it is calm and sophisticated. My artist and the pictures make it look more pop themed and the subject is of the age of my target audience. After carrying out feedback, it was evident that the majority of people thought it was a pop magazine and concluded that it would not fit the rock genre.
  4. 4. Understanding Conventions.
  5. 5. Awareness of need for variety in fonts• Style; The style of writing on my double page spread was duplicated from my front cover as the artists name is written in the same style, using Ancestory SF. It is a girly style which compliments my pictures. I chose this style as I was inspired by another magazine and it works extremely well on my double page spread supporting my quotes and main picture. The style of my letters behind the information, the information itself and quotes are the same font, Trajan Pro. I used this style a lot as it was bold and worked well.• Size; the size of my artists name had to be big to fit the flower picture in the background and because of the style of writing it made it smaller therefore it is approximately 250. My information and interview font had to be rather small to fit it all in but, big enough to read therefore it is around 12.• Colour; For my double page spread I used purple and black, this is due to my fact file of my artist which states there favourite colour was purple and I wanted to reflect this through my font and pictures. The questions asked are in purple and the rest of the writing being black. I have used the colour white for the page number and magazine title as it is this way on my contents page. Same font Questions: (Ancestory SF) purple, answers, black both font size 12.
  6. 6. Accurate use of language• As there was large quantity of information included on this page. I decided to type it up on word, to prevent and spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. In my construction and development, I analysed which question would be appropriate to ask and include and what would interest my readers. I gathered feedback on my questions from my target audience and they felt it was appropriate and they would be interested to read it. I also videoed my interview to watch it back and listen to it then I could decide what to include and show it to other people and get there feedback.
  7. 7. Appropriate integration of illustration and text• Mise en scene is essential on the double page spread. It was important to relate your image to the quotes used. I think I have successfully interrogated my image with the main quote as what the quote says is reflected through the subjects facial expression and body language. To ensure I did this to the best of my ability, I did a piece of work on mise en scene in which I analysed it and took guidance form it.This image reflects the subject being shy but wanting to be seen for her music.