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Construction & development

  1. 1. Construction & Development - Contents.
  2. 2. Understanding conventionsThe page layout I have used was inspired by normal magazine conventions. As my title is in the expected position and arranged to the left, like that of NME and Kerrang magazine. My main feature article is in the middle of the page, located at an angle and the barcode is at the bottom right all of which are standard conventions like Kerrang’s. However my image is not a mid shot image, this therefore does not follow standard conventions as in my research and planning all of the magazines used a mid shot image. I didn’t, instead I used a long shot this because I wanted to show the subjects body language. I have also placed supporting images around the cover and not anywhere else, such as in the middle, this is following the standard conventions of a magazine layout.The style of my magazine is more pop. This is also the opinion I got from my feedback. My desired genre is pop – rock however from visual perception of my magazine it would appear to be more aimed at teenage pop audience. The style/font of my title is like those of standard magazines but with a with a different style such as the background blur, however my main feature article has an italic scripted style to it, making it more pop than rock. Therefore my front cover fills the needs of a pop genre not a rock one. So I decided to change my initial idea of a pop-rock magazine to a pop one to fit the needs and style of my magazine and genre.
  3. 3. My magazine has similar conventions to that of Kerrang’s.Therefore I took a lot of inspiration from this due to my research and planning.
  4. 4. Awareness of need for variety  in fonts• Style; I used a variety of font styles for my front cover to make it unique and to create diversity. The different font styles I used include, Trajan Pro, Ancestory SF, Budoken SF and Basic sans SF. I chose to used these different fonts because they were similar is some ways however the flicks on the ends were different making each bit of writing different. For example my main feature style looks acrylic or script fitting in with the pop style. The idea for my title font, Trajan Pro, came from inspiration from other magazines during the research and planning process as it was slightly different but still a standard convention.• Size: My title is a large font of 200. This was a good size as it fitted the top of the page and looked like the magazine titles in my research and planning. My main article is slightly smaller at 150, this is because it needed to be smaller that the title and not to big so it overcrowds the page. The other little articles are smaller as the arent as important as the rest however they still needed to stand out so the sizes range from 30-60. The sizes of my texts was inspired by magazines such as Kerrang, as their page is laid out in an effective way and the writing was evenly laid out and the sizes worked so I tried to incorporate that in my work.
  5. 5. • Colour; For my fonts I used standards colours but made the uniquely stand out. The two main colours are white and red with the featuring articles being blue and yellow. I made them stand out by using a Gaussian blur behind it e.g. Behind the title I used a red blur and the main feature article white. I used the white blur because it was suggested to me when I carried out my feedback. Also I used a black blur behind some of the small articles to make them stand out from the main picture. This is a unique effect as non of the magazines in my research and planning used this technique. Black Gaussian BlurRed GaussianBlur White Gaussian Blur
  6. 6. Accurate use of language• During the construction and development phase I considered appropriate questions to ask and inappropriate ones. This gave me guidance when creating my front cover, as I could think about what articles could be appropriate for my music magazine. When including writing on my front cover I used spell check as much as possible to prevent spelling mistakes however naturally there will be smelling mistakes, this could be due to typing errors as keeping to the time restriction on my Gantt chart needed to be monitored and taken into consideration. Also to ensure appropriate language is used I carried out multiple amounts of feedback, asking people to view my work and report whether they understood the content.
  7. 7. Appropriate integration of  illustration and text• I have combined the information of my articles to the pictures on my front cover. This makes the articles more clear and interesting by This article is relevant to These album covers relates the supporting them with a the album cover and the bands split and “Brooke Montez” picture. One of my idea was main picture and main going solo. article. inspired by Kerrang magazine which involves the poster special. Therefore I used my own creative ideas when taking the pictures and including articles but also used an existing technique form a I took inspiration from the kerrang magazine magazine. and used their existing technique. Also this image is a poster therefore there is a supporting article to make it clear to readers.