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Analysis 1


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Analysis 1

  1. 1. Analysis 1-Detailed written analysis. Shutter Island Mise-en-scene- Setting/design: a mental institution for the criminally insane. This is conventional for a ‘Thriller’ trailer because they normally have disturbing locations to draw their audience in. This location is conventionally very isolated which would typically relate to the ‘Thriller’ genre. Costume: Federal marshal uniform and guards/institution officers. This costume is conventional for a ‘Thriller’ genre because they will normally involve investigations which link into law and tie in with an element of crime. The people in the mental institution are dressed in old, dreary clothing, which is showing how they are considered to have a lower status than that of the officers and marshals. White lab coats are also used. This ties in with the setting of a mental institution, and also the idea that it is conventional for the ‘Thriller’ genre. ABOVE: The guards ABOVE: inmate at the institution
  2. 2. Lighting: low-key lighting is used throughout. This is conventional for a ‘Thriller’ trailer because it automatically creates a tense and dark atmosphere that goes well with the genre of ‘Thriller.’ Props:Handcuffs are shown to be restraining an inmate in the institution. This shows how dangerous they can be. Danger is a conventional aspect of a ‘Thriller’ trailer. Guns are also used as a prop throughout the trailer. This is conventional for the genre of ‘Thriller’ because of the element of crime and violence. Guns may also show conflict, which is also conventional for a ‘Thriller.’ Needles and medication are also used as props. This emphasises the fact that people in this institution need medication to be controlled, also showing off an element of the ‘Thriller’ genre by letting the audience know these people are dangerous. A photograph, which shows the missing person they are searching for, is also used as a prop. This shows that they are investigating something, which is conventional for the genre. Abook, which shows the word ‘run’ is used a prop. Thisis conventional for the genre ‘Thriller’ because it shows the danger and creates intrigue. Why should he ‘run’? Thought provoking content like this is continuously used in a ‘Thriller’ trailer. An example of how low key lighting has been used. A gun being used as a prop. Needles and medication The book-‘run.’
  3. 3. Make-up:The female inmate we see as the marshals are arriving. She has red eyes, red connoting danger, and also showing she looks tired and damaged in some way. This is conventional for the ‘Thriller’ genre because of the danger, and how damaged the woman looks. There is also a sense of evil, which would create a sense of tension for a ‘Thriller’ trailer. There is also a man with a large scar across his face near the end of the trailer. This connotes violence and danger, conventional for that of a ‘Thriller’ trailer. Camerawork: A close-up at the beginning of the trailer shows the worry and emotion on one of the characters faces. This is conventional for a ‘Thriller’ trailer because they are typically trying to convey tension and a dramatic atmosphere. A wide-shot of the entire island where the mental institution is held is shown. This is conventional for a ‘Thriller’ trailer because it makes the audience wonder what is on the island. Also a wide shot of the 3 men, showing their costume, therefore showing their role within the movie. It creates interest and suspense, which is also conventional for this genre. Two- shots are used of the guards which shows their authority and emphasises the idea of crime and law which is conventional for the ‘Thriller’ genre. A zoom is used to open the gates of the institution. It is almost taking the audience in with it, which creates a tense feel for the trailer, which ties in with the conventions of a ‘Thriller’ trailer. ABOVE: man with scarred face ABOVE: inmate-‘red eyes’ ABOVE: Close up at the beginning ABOVE: wide shot of the 3 men
  4. 4. Editing: Slow motion is used to show 3 men walking towards the institution at the beginning of the trailer. It creates a sense of tension and suspense, which is a typical convention for the genre of ‘Thriller.’ There are many fades used throughout the trailer, which cut very quickly into the next camera shot. It shows us there is a lot going on within this movie. ‘Thriller’ movies typically include a lot of dramatic changes; the fades used give us an insight to this. There is a reaction shot within this trailer, where the two Marshals look confused about what has just been said. Within movies of the ‘Thriller’ genre not all the characters know what is happening and why something is happening. This creates a thought-provoking atmosphere for the audience and also creates a sense of suspense. As the tension of the trailer builds, fast-pace editing is used. This creates a sense of excitement and energy which is conventional for a ‘Thriller.’ Fast-paced editing will also need to be used within trailers to keep the audience interested and excited about watching the movie. The movie title ‘Shutter Island is used within the trailer. The font used is rather metallic which links in with the setting of the movie, (a prison for the criminally insane). The reaction shot between the two characters. The title of the movie used within the trailer to create a dramatic effect.
  5. 5. Sound:The trailer starts off with non-diagetic music. The low tone and heavy beat of the non-diagetic sound soon builds up to create tension. Dramatic and tense music is very conventional for a ‘Thriller’ trailer. The music builds and we all of sudden hear a very high-pitched; almost scream sound that makes you jump. This is also adding to the previous tension already set, which adds to the conventions. We also hear a crash of thunder, which adds a frightening intensity to the trailer. We also hear a voiceover that says ‘do you know what fear does to the mind?’ The use of the word ‘fear’ also adds to the tense atmosphere that is being created by this trailer, ‘fear’ being a conventional aspect of a ‘Thriller.’ Genre: The genre of this trailer is a ‘Psychological Thriller.’ One of a thrillers main objective is to create tension and suspense. The dramatic music that builds throughout the trailer creates this tension; this makes it conventional to the genre. Many close-ups are also used to show the fear and confusion on the characters faces. This relates to the genre because it is showing a characters worry, this builds suspense, which is conventional for this genre. The use of weapons and the medical equipment that is used is conventional for the ‘Thriller’ genre. Also the prison guards and the marshals show authority. Having authority and a sense of power is very important within a ‘Thriller.’ Thrillers also relate to crime and investigation. We see this side of the trailer with the picture of the missing person who the authority figures are searching for. Form:The advertisement of Paramount at the start is a typical convention of a trailer. The text that appears on the screen ‘a Martin Scorsese picture’ is also a convention. Most trailers will give production/directing information; what and who was involved in the making of the movie. There is also a showing of certain scenes from the movie put into the trailer, almost a ‘snapshot’ of the movie. Having scenes from the movie in the trailer is also very conventional, it intrigues the audience and gives them an idea of what the movie is going to be about. Many movie trailers will conventionally mention the most famous, or the main actors/actresses names in the trailer. ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ is mentioned in this trailer. It also mentions the film name, ‘Shutter Island’ and the date of release, ‘February 2010’; this is also a conventional aspect of a movie trailer. ‘Paramount’ is mentioned at the start of the trailer.
  6. 6. Representation: The protagonist (Leonardo Dicaprio) is represented to be in control and have a certain extent of power and authority. The use of the US Marshal costume he is wearing shows us he is used to being in power, he has a high powered job and is at the institution because of a missing persons case. His authority is challenged when he arrives at the institution, he is asked to remove his weapons, which he associates with power and control. We are then introduced to the guards of the institutions. We see they have power over the Marshals because they take away their weapons. The costume they are wearing shows how they represent authority. They are wearing a large hat, smart suit that is covered with badges to show how high up their job is. Also the way they speak to Marshals shows they are represented as being in charge; ‘you will obey protocol’ they command the Marshals to hand over their weapons. We are also introduced to a doctor of the institution. He is represented to be above the Marshals and the guards in terms of job importance and power and status. He is wearing a bow tie instead of just a tie like the other characters. He also smokes a pipe which is considered to be sophisticated compared to cigarettes, which is what the Marshals are seen to be smoking at the start of the trailer. The name of the actor that plays the main character is used. A representation of the guard’s costume. A representation of the doctor’s costume.
  7. 7. In conclusion, I believe this in-depth, detailed analysis into similar products has given me a massive insight into the thriller genre. It has allowed me to understand the conventions of a trailer itself, and a trailer that incorporates the thriller genre. It has also given me an insight into how the different technical areas are used within a thriller, why they are used, and what effect they have on the audience. I believe this will help me create my own thriller trailer, because I now understand how and when to use the technical areas effectively. I also understand the conventions of a thriller trailer and a trailer itself, which will also help me create a successful trailer.