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Digipak Draft

  1. 1. Digipak - Draft
  2. 2. We used Adobe Fireworks to make the draft of our digipak. We decided to use this programme because it gave us more advanced options when editing images and backgrounds etc.
  3. 3. The text used was Galaxy and the colour was black as we felt this would stand out against the colourful background The fact on the back cover is true and most other digipak’s have a quote / fact to grab the audience into buying it For the spine, we used a dark pink mixed with light pink background. This contrasted from the lighter coloured background on the cover The iconic lips on the cover are a major part of the video and can be used as a synergistic campaign. Katy Perry is quite provocative and the picture of the lips represents this. The photo of Ashleigh used is from the video. This is because the audience can link the digipak to the video through the images used therefore are more likely to recognise the artist and song The background of the front and back cover is a blend of pink and purple. The use of these colours represent the genre pop and can be linked to the artist and create an identity e.g. Her perfume, other albums, style For the back cover, we used a couple of images from the video, again linking the digipak to it thus creating an identity. The production info was scanned from another music DVD and used on our back cover Rating of the digipak Description about the song(s)
  4. 4. Digipak - Booklet Text font and colour of booklet match the cover of digipak to have continuity throughout so that the digipak is recognisable All the pictures used in the booklet e.g. flowers, sky, Ashleigh, were taken by Ashleigh herself The biography of Katy Perry was taken from Wikipedia with some bits being copied directly and others being put into our own words
  5. 5. Images taken by Ashleigh Song list was found using Google. These were the actual songs on Katy Perry’s teenage dream album Lyrics to teenage dream were found using Google Background is pink with polka dots. The colour pink is bright and represents pop. It also can be linked to the cover of our digipak and music video as Ashleigh's dress in the video is pink
  6. 6. Possible Improvements DIGIPAK FRONT COVER – The front cover has a colourful background which reflects our genre well but we could make it more creative by adding a design or changing the colours to make them stand out more as they are very subtle. The picture of Ashleigh was taken from our music video so is slightly blurry. We could take pictures of Ashleigh in costume on the green screen so that they are more clear and cut out properly. We could add in a couple more pictures from the video and blend / fade them in to make the cover look more creative. e.g. have Kyle in a picture to show the ‘teenage dream’ DIGIPAK SPINE – The background to the spine looked professional and the pink represented our genre well but the text could not be seen clearly. We could make the text larger / bold so that it could be easily seen DIGIPAK BACK COVER – For the info at the bottom of the digipak, we could change the layout so that it looks more professional and neat DIGIPAK BOOKLET – We are happy with the booklet but thought that we could change the layout of some of the pages to make them look more professional