Stephane bonneton - Experienced international buyer - detailed cv.


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Stephane bonneton - Experienced international buyer - detailed cv.

  1. 1. Stéphane Bonneton +61 (0) 497 102 356 - Based in Perth – Capable to move quickly around Australia. Objective : Contribute to the purchasing performance acceleration of your company.SKILLS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Definition of purchasing strategy, cost reduction, quality improvement and NPD/NPI, Spend and process analyses, tenders, negotiation, reverse E-auctions, contract management, International project management, ability to build stakeholder relationship and lead change. Microsoft Office (with great Excel), and ERP management: ARIBA, ORACLE, SAP – Business Object, Experience with EHS, ROHS, WEEE and REACH norms. Lean management and 6 Sigma, French and english (fluent), spanish (intermediate), malaysian and indonesian bahasa (basics).3 YEARS OF PROCUREMENT EXPERIENCE:------------------------------------------------------------------------Recommended by KAORKA, 3M, GE and ACCOR Global Procurement.2012-2013: Decided to take-over new personal projects, meet different cultures, business practices, andadapt myself in South-East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia). Today working in Perth CBD.2012: 6 months, in Paris, France HECGLOBAL PROJECT STRATEGIC BUYER – CORPORATE GLOBAL HQ - ACCOR ECOLE DES MINES ParisTechIbis Megabrand Project: Make Ibis the leader of the hotel economic segment. - Budget: € 38 MillionsBedding category: bed-sets, duvets and pillows, linen. Coordinated New Product Introductions (NPI) worldwide for hotels ibis, ibis styles and ibis budget, o Participated to the global launch of a brand consolidation into Ibis family, and the replacement of All Seasons by Ibis Styles branded hotels, and Etap’Hotel by Ibis budget branded hotels, o Supported the Global Sourcing team with spend data analysis and costing models, to deliver a budget for the implementation of the new solution, per country. o Participated to the presentation of the new bedding equipments to the Senior Global Marketing team of the above brands, o Followed-up weekly with the local ACCOR stakeholders in the countries, to measure the progresses while convincing the hotel private investors to adopt the new equipments. o Consulted with the suppliers to understand their deployment capacity per week (production, delivery and installation) and with the hotels to understand their prerequisites. o Edited operational plans to formalize the interaction between the suppliers and each hotel. o Used stakeholder engagement skills to make the Global Corporate Senior team to agree on them and ensure their adoption in each country, then each hotel. o Designed weekly deployment plans of the new solution according to the location of the hotels being ready to implement the solution, and to the market segmentation of the suppliers. Organized the supply of 80 000 bed-sets, then managed products end of life with recycling. o Cooperated with the internal Logistics department and external forwarders to confirm efficient logistic models, in line with the budgeted costs of deployment per country, and with both suppliers and hotels’ capacities to deploy/receive the new equipments. o Managed the supplier’s production and ensured the OTIF (On Time In Full) deliveries. o Collaborated with the Regulatory department to identify better and “greener” solutions for the product end-of-life cycle management, and implemented recycling solutions. o Tracked the implementation success of 80 000 bed-sets, backed-up the teams in the country to solve issues, and reported results to the Senior Sourcing team, then participated to meetings for result promotion to the Global Corporate Marketing, and Communication teams.
  2. 2. Stéphane Bonneton +61 (0) 497 102 356 - Based in Perth – Capable to move quickly around Australia.2010-2011: 12 months, in Paris, France EM LYONSOURCING BUSINESS AND PROCESS ANALYST – CORPORATE DIVISION - GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE)Financial Services category: Tax recovery services, Audit, Consulting, Insurances, Leasing. Analyzed spend and purchasing processes of financial services – USD 180 millions portfolio o Used master spend data file and Excel skills to run deep spend analysis through the financial services category of GE business to highlight the biggest internal customers of our spend o Ran meeting with those internal customers to understand the origin of the spend, and what made this spend critical to them. o Convinced them of the capacities of savings, owing to both supplier portfolio rationalization, and service range consolidation. Co-defined spend consolidation strategies, and organized the deployment of best practices, o Scanned the practices used in the Financial Consulting industry to compare them with GE internal buying processes. o Used stakeholder engagement skills to push the use of one relevant industry practice in a GE business, which led to significant savings for the business, o Used the results of this operation to create a success story and engage new GE businesses Led full tenders (RFx), including Reverse E-auctions – Average of 45% savings, o Analysed spends to understand their origin and defined ways of rationalization, o Analysed suppliers contracts to ensure the exclusion of exclusivity, o Consulted the internal stakeholders to understand their key requirements for a new project, suggested new services to implement, and convinced them of the relevance of a new project having for objectives both a service leverage and cost reductions. o Run Request For Information (RFI) with the portfolio of suppliers, and edited the Request For Proposal (RFP) to send it out to the selected suppliers. o Ensured that the provision of answers stuck to the deadline, and analysed the suppliers’ offers submission o Decided to run a Reverse E-auction with the help of our back-office team, and achieved significant savings in the operation while comparing suppliers’ offers before and after Reverse E-Auction. o Measured savings reaching 45% and USD 1 million compared to previous operational costs. o Led change with the strategic supplier portfolio within the GE businesses, o Worked with GE Businesses along the implementation phase, to adopt the negotiated solutions, learn best from the supplier experience, & comply with the European regulations. Implemented frame pan-european and local contracts, o Implemented European and GE cross-business contracts to protect GE businesses from suppliers defected operations and ensure service level continuity with high performance. o Organized weekly meetings with the Senior Legal team to follow-up on the Financial Services contracts to be renewed across the GE business and through the 20+ countries under management. o Negotiated the improvement or maintain of the contracts terms and conditions for GE, from payment terms to high-value liability clauses, and frame for the conditions of operations. Benchmarked with 5 multinationals to improve Purchasing internal influence. o Observed the internal challenges given to Corporate Sourcing by the GE Business Sourcing departments at European and Country level, to run a “way-to-progress” and I drafted directions for improvement of the Corporate Sourcing influence. o Used the support of an external benchmark with 5 Corporate Sourcing divisions within 3M, GEODIS, ORANGE, STANLEY BLACK & DECKER and ALSTOM. o Presented the results of the internal and external benchmark to the European Corporate Sourcing Senior team.
  3. 3. Stéphane Bonneton +61 (0) 497 102 356 - Based in Perth – Capable to move quickly around Australia.2009-2010: 12 months, in Paris, France SORBONNE Ecole centrale, HarvardSTRATEGIC INTERNATIONAL BUYER - CONSUMER & OFFICE DIVISION EMEA - 3MConsumer Goods category: Adhesive and Masking tapes, Office Supplies, Microfiber wipes, Mops. Led the development and the market introduction of new products (NPD/NPI) for 20 countries, o Took responsibilities for the development and market introduction in Europe and Middle- East, of products categorized as wipes, mops, office supplies (glue sticks, sticky patches, highlighting and corrective rolls, and scissors), adhesives and masking tapes. o Cooperated with 3 different Marketing teams, according to product segmentations. o Participated to the Marketing decisional meetings for New Products Introduction (NPI) and suggested innovations for the European market, based on the existing supplier catalogue and engineering capabilities. o Led the coordination of the European logistic, Packaging, Regulatory and Laboratory teams, and reported progresses to the European Marketing team. Piloted 40 international pjects & managed strategically the supplier base for early pject engagement o Used close business relationship with suppliers based in Europe and Asia to strategically involve them or not in new tendering, and generate willingness to compete for our 3M business, then with an early project engagement. Set up new tools to increase the purchasing performance, o Observed room for productivity improvement in our Sourcing department, and took the initiative to implement a cost evolution capture tool, so to track better supplier’s prices, compare them with the evolution of the market indexes per category, and benefit from our previous negotiations. o Received the sponsor of the European Sourcing Manager and got this tool promoted at the Global level. Participated to the purchasing strategy definition for Consumer and Office goods in Europe. o Used my ownership in the role, and my experience with the suppliers to help the European Sourcing Manager to define the purchasing strategy towards the categories under management, and with the existing portfolio of suppliers.polytechnique, Ecole centrale, Grenoble, HarvardPURCHASING ASSISTANT – KAORKA – Importer of multimedia equipment Helped the company to diversify its sources of production, in a 3 month-mission, o Analysed the macro then micro-environment to select Low Cost Countries (LCC) with sufficient infrastructures to comply with a quick shipping access, o Sourced new suppliers in the selected LCC, in Eastern Europe and Asia, and organized meetings, Followed-up on imports and logistic schemes.EXPORT SALES ASSISTANT - LE DOMAINE DE MAUPERTHUIS - Winery of Burgundy (France) Helped the company to develop its client base in Switzerland, in a 4 month-mission, o Used market studies to spot out wine retailers o Visited retailers in the region of Geneva and Zurich, and organized wine testing o Reported results to the company for further customer investigationLOGISTICS ASSISTANT - DHL DANZAS AIR & OCEANS One month-mission to help a logistics department in the document administration, and learn about import/export/customs processes and ways to organize international trade.MAI, M.A.
  4. 4. Stéphane Bonneton +61 (0) 497 102 356 - Based in Perth – Capable to move quickly around Australia.EDUCATION: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2007 - September 2011, in Clermont-Ferrand, France MAI M.A.IMASTER degree in Management, specialization in Purchasing, business negotiation and geostrategy.Clermont Business School (ESC Clermont, France Business School) - Accredited by AACSB 3 year-program with Major in international business, and passed exams of a Master level in Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Law, Information systems, Management, and Human Resources. Specialization in Purchasing, business negotiation and geostrategy.2009, 7 months in Montreal, Canada – Specialization in international business - University of Concordia Exchange program for a specialization in international business. Minor in International Law, Cross-cultural Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management of Corporations.WHO AM I ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Ambitious, self-starter, autonomous. Analytical, customer-oriented and results-focused. Team-worker.Sociable. Positive thinking. Curious. “Can do” attitude. Capable to master technics quickly.Ex-sponsoring manager of a student association for the organization of sport events.Like to travel : Europe, Africa + backpacked 1½ month in Latin America, and 5 months alone in Asia.