Kondor Upgrade Tool Suite


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Kondor Upgrade Tool Suite

  1. 1. Kondor+ Upgrade Tool Suite You have the time to focus on the future
  2. 2. Kondor+ Upgrade Tool Suite w Reduce your upgrade Cost w Reduce your upgrade Risk w ocus your energy on maximizing value out of the new version F Kustom Impact Analyser provides an exhaustive impact analysis on your custom code. It tells you where you have impacts and how to modify your code to be compliant with the new version of Kondor+ or K+TP Report Comparer compares financial reports from Kondor+ whether they are core (Financial, Gap Analysis, etc.) or custom reports. Identifying regression issues become easy. One Step is an automated upgrade script making an upgrade a one click action. It reduces operational risk during Kondor+ core upgrade execution.Kondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  3. 3. Kustom Impact Analyser Most Kondor+ upgrade projects overshoot on customization migration by 100% Predict Kondor+ and K+TP w Items missed discovered at integration testing stage cost 5 times as much to fix Upgrade Impact on your w I tems missed discovered at Acceptance testing or later can delay the project, custom code and get one cost real money or create reputation risk Divides by at least 5 the project effort around your custom code and interface migration. Manually With KIA Estimate number of changes and effort 40 2 Analyse differences between two K+ versions 40 0 Identify impacted modules 20 0 Identify changes to be made 80 10 Execute changes 40 10 220 22 mandays Sample CBA Based on real migration experience. The instrallation used the full range of Kondor+ asset classes (million of trades). Their customized development size was 3,000 SQL files (more than 2 millions of code lines).Kondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  4. 4. Kustom Impact Analyser Lowers significantly Kondor upgrade project risk Predict Kondor+ and K+TP The Kustom Impact Analyser analyses your customized developments. It generates an Upgrade Impact on your exhaustive impact analysis for all your custom SQL code but also for your interfaces. custom code and get one The tailor made resulting HTML report shows you where the Kondor+ or K+TP upgrade has impacts in your code but also tells you how to modify your code to be compliant with the new Kondor+ or K+TP version. Analysis result and data model detailsKondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  5. 5. Report Comparer (K-Pax®) During Kondor+ upgrades, regression testing must be performed on all Kondor+ core and custom reports to guarantee there is no impact on the figures. Manually comparing Instantly manage the comparison data may cause potential human errors and significantly increase operational risk. of large amount of data With our Report Comparer, you focus on reviewing the results, not comparing the underlying data. The Report Comparer: w C onverts and imports your existing reports w C ompares them, highlighting in different colors the differences w R eports on all differences, at high level, but with drill down capabilityKondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  6. 6. Report Comparer (K-Pax®) Flexible and versatile tool Instantly manage the comparison The report comparer supports a wide variety of input formats: KplusFeed, CSV, TXT, SQL of large amount of data and XML. The results can be exported to XML, HTML or EXCEL. Best-in-class feature-rich solution w nstantly I compare datasets wih no mistake w asily E produce, compare and manage historical financial data w rovide P quality and reliable reporting results w et G decision-making information immediately w educe R risks of errors dramaticallyKondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  7. 7. OneStep A Kondor+ upgrade execution is a manual exercise with a potential operational risk. For instance when executing your Kondor+ minor upgrade (load upgrade), more than Overcome all obstacles and fifty single tasks are required. upgrade your Kondor+ in one step Fully automated upgrade With the OneStep tool there is no place for human error. The upgrade scenario is part of the tool and upgrade tasks are fully automated. Reduce drastically operational risk during upgrade execution w O ne set of parameters before the upgrade launch w B etween any two versions or loads of Kondor+ w N o manual intervention w U pgrade log centralizationKondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  8. 8. OneStep Overcome all obstacles and upgrade your Kondor+ in one A very flexible tool step w Scenario based w T asks execution in sequential or parallel modes w E xecution modes per task: auto, semi-auto, manual w P ossibility to resume the scenario execution from any point System in K+3.0 Easily reproduce your upgrade in different Pre-Install tasks for K+3.3 upgrade Failure environments Success Before executing the Kondor+ upgrade on your production System is ready for K+3.3 upgrade environment, you will have to rehearsal on development, testing and acceptance environments. Failure Upgrade to K+3.3 Once you have defined your upgrade scenario, you can execute it on any environment. Success In K+3.3 but not ready Failure Post-Install tasks for K+3.3 upgrade Success Ready in K+3.3 Failure Install for K+3.3 patches System in K+3.3 with patches Invalid State High level Kondor+ upgrade ScenarioKondor+UpgradeTool Suite
  9. 9. At 2LA, we have built a wealth of experience around core product and client upgradew We have very experienced profiles working on Kondor+ since 1995w We have participated to upgrades, including the first major cross asset K+ 3.0 in 2007Our tools are used by Turaz Professional Services. Contact us for more informationDozens of clients have already successfully upgraded Kondor+ and K+TP with our tools. or an online Webex demo: contact@2la-software.comWe believe that our offering can help dramatically to reduce project upgrade costs,decrease implementation risks, but also ensure that the project delivers more value,through the reuse of experience, in human (solution) or automated (product) fashion +33 (0)