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Linked in


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Linked in

  1. 1. Join the #1 Online Destination for Business Networking: Linked In<br />By: Carly Stephenson<br />
  2. 2. How it Works<br />Online site where ANYONE can make professional profile or online resume <br />Linked In makes money by selling the ability to search and send messages<br />Companies and “headhunters” pay hundreds of thousands to search for potential employees/ people in the field<br />
  3. 3. Business<br />Goals<br />Have all business professionals use Linked In<br />People getting jobs by using Linked In<br />Help the economy <br />Challenges<br />Informing the public that Linked In makes most money through activity and not advertising<br />Not just for professionals to stay in contact but to make contacts<br />
  4. 4. Theme<br />Very professional, similar to the website<br />Keep consistent color pallet<br />SPREAD THE WORD ON HOW LINKED IN WORKS<br />Linked In is truly there to help people find business contacts<br />
  5. 5. Facebook<br />Facebook is Linked In’s biggest competitor<br />Use Linked In’s page on Facebook to show differences and explain how Linked In works: focus on how Linked In makes money<br />Main differences include: No pictures except profile picture and no posting on contacts walls <br />
  6. 6. Twitter<br />Large competitor<br />Linked In currently uses Twitter to blogg and post Links, many are not useful<br />Need to work on more posts about Linked In tips<br />Some previous great posts include links to: “why hitting I don’t know this person is a bad idea” and “How Linked In should embed itself in our professional lives”<br />
  7. 7. You Tube<br />Currently on You Tube there are How to for Linked In and Linked In For dummies; this is great but more is needed<br />You Tube needs to share how they make money, they need clips of head hunters using Linked In to hire people<br />You Tube needs clips of success stories; people getting jobs from Linked In<br />
  8. 8. Blogg<br />Similar to You Tube Linked In should have a blogg at or a similar site<br />Here Linked In can do similar posts to Twitter with updates and suggestions<br />Best part is people can comment and share there stories, thoughts and experiences with Linked In and users<br />Comments will give Linked In ideas of what should be changed on the site<br />
  9. 9. How to Measure Success<br />Growth/ more usage<br />2007 growth was 323% in 2010 growth should be 500%<br />More and more people are on social networking sites making this an easy goal<br />Unemployment is high so people should be using free resources <br />
  10. 10. Budget / Timeline<br />Campaign will begin June 1rst and last 1 year<br />Measuring the 2nd half of 2010 and the 1rst half of 2011<br />Budget will be $10,000 because it will be online and mostly free<br />