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Evaluation Q2


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Evaluation Q2

  1. 1. Question 2How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Our teaser trailer of the The way in which the trailer‘babysitter’ is based upon the is filmed is based upon paranormal activity, as inhorror genre, due to the some aspects we tried tobabysitter being on her own make it look as though theand having unknown phone filming was home footage.calls made to hermobile, along with hearingdangerous sounds fromoutside. There is also a known phsyco on the lose, and conveniently an unknown hand trying to enter the house in which the babysitter is in, in the final clip of the teaser trailer.
  3. 3. The color scheme in which we used throughout each of the marketing aspects of the film the Babysitter, such as the teaser trailer, film poster and magazine cover, was black red and white.We chose these colors as wefelt that these colors relatedmost to a horror genrefilm, suspecting danger andblood and mystery. Thesecolors were also used in themarketing promotion of the We chose our final font from andparanormal activity films. the font was called ‘gotWe also ensured that we heroin?’ we chose thiswere consistent with the final font as we felt thatfont that we used it added more edginessthroughout, as well as the to the trailer, and fittedcolor scheme. in well with text that would commonly be found in most horror genre films.
  4. 4. In the poster we also added the shot The babysitter in the teaser trailer is the brand image that of the mobile phone ringing from an we used in our magazine unknown caller next to the cover and poster. This was because the babysitter was babysitter, to add suspense to the clearly the main and audience and have them guessing dominating character in the film, and the character was about the film. needed to be promoted in order to make the advertising of the film clear.We chose to use motionlessshots of the babysitter in boththe magazine cover andposter, this was to show the fearand danger that was awaiting thebabysitter, and encourage peopleto want to watch the film to findout what danger the babysitter isin.
  5. 5. OurMagazineCover
  6. 6. Our Poster
  7. 7. We feel that we achieved in this area, we ensured that weincluded the title of the Babysitter in the same font andsame colors throughout all the marketing aspects, andfeel confident that this font and title will continuously belinked to our film from the public.The main purpose of our ancillary texts was to promoteour film, The Babysitter. Through thorough research intoother horror films, such as paranormal activity and theway in which they have promoted their film through theuse of their ancillary texts.