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No fear! No limits!


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A short comment on the topic "No fear" No limits!" (2)

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No fear! No limits!

  1. 2. I think everybody is afraid of something, even if it is the smallest or the most foolish thing.
  2. 3. In relation to the statement "No Limits", I think everything has a limit, because there is a thing called reason that influences us in our decisions. There is also the moral side of things that also influences our life.
  3. 4. In my case, I have some fears, and I have plenty of limits, because I know what is right or wrong and my actions are limited either by my fear or by reason.
  4. 5. We can adapt this statement to radical sports, too, since in those same sports it often seems there are no limits and that fear doesn't exist. There is only adrenaline. If there was fear, people wouldn’t practise these sports. Adrenaline makes people go for it, try their limits, on the edge… Work Done By: João Dores, no. 18 -10thH