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Published in: Business
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  1. 1. IDEA 1
  2. 2. IDEA 1Extremely cheap, yet, possibly viral
  3. 3. How often people change tires?
  4. 4. Professionals
  5. 5. Professionals and Amateurs
  6. 6. At least twice a year
  7. 7. Actually, most people change tires only twice a year
  8. 8. So,
  9. 9. So, let’s make a website thatworks only twice a year
  10. 10. Seriously?
  11. 11. Hell yeah!
  12. 12. In 2010’s the internet has seen a wide spread of Single Serving Sites
  13. 13. In 2010’s the internet has seen a wide spread of Single Serving SitesSingle Serving Sites is websites with adedicated domain name, with only one page, that do one thing only.
  14. 14. For instance...
  15. 15. How Many People Are in Space Right Now?
  16. 16. Is it Payday?
  17. 17. Should I Bring My Umbrella Today?
  18. 18. Is The Dow Up?
  19. 19. And many
  20. 20. And many, many
  21. 21. And many, many, many
  22. 22. And many, many, many, many
  23. 23. And many, many, many, many, many
  24. 24. And many, many, many, many, many, many more
  25. 25. And we will make one more
  26. 26. Is it Time to Change Tires?
  27. 27. The website determine user’s location andshow the appropriate answer based on the weekly weather forecast.
  28. 28. If the answer is no
  29. 29. If the answer is no, user can subscribe to benotified when the time will come
  30. 30. If the answer is yes
  31. 31. If the answer is yes it links to Dunlop’s websitewhere user can choose tires
  32. 32. Neat!
  33. 33. IDEA 2
  34. 34. IDEA 2Super expensive
  35. 35. IDEA 2 Super expensivebut super awesome
  36. 36. Take a look at alltires on the market
  37. 37. Notice something?
  38. 38. They are all black!
  39. 39. Thank you,Einstein...
  40. 40. No, seriously, why tires are always black?
  41. 41. The majority of vehicle tires are blackthanks to carbon black, a reinforcing phase in car tires.
  42. 42. But can I have colorful tires?
  43. 43. YES!
  44. 44. YES! It’s not a great business strategy, since the carbon black makes theproduct stronger. But yes, you could have any color of tire youd like.
  45. 45. So, let’s make some to attract attention to Dunlop!
  46. 46. The campaign start with a viral video of aviral man on a red bike with gorgeous red tires. The video spreads across the internet.
  47. 47. viral Link in a video leads to Dunlop websitewebsite with a full description of new colorful tires, it’s production process and it’s limitations. Dunlop declares that tires are being produced only for promotional purposes.
  48. 48. viralwebsite Description on Dunlop website states thatpre-order only 1,000 colored tires has been produced and anyone can pre-order them on the website.
  49. 49. viralwebsitepre-order Those who haven’t pre-ordered tires incontest time can win additional 100 in a special contest.
  50. 50. viralwebsitepre-ordercontest After this, in three month a public event is event being held with a huge demo of new colorful tires with celebrities and the winners of the contest are announced and get their prizes.
  51. 51. That’s all