Horror films


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My presentation on horror movies
5mins for warm-up exercise of class

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Horror films

  1. 1. Horror films are series of films originating from thehorror genre that are designed to elicit fright, fear,terror, or horror from viewers.In horror film plots, evil forces, events, orcharacters, sometimes of supernatural origin,intrude into the everyday world and usually include acentral villain.
  2. 2. They deal with our most primal nature and its fears:our nightmares, our vulnerability, our alienation,our revulsions, our terror of the unknown, our fearof death and dismemberment, loss of identity.
  3. 3. Horror films developed out of a number of sources folktales with devil characters, witchcraft, fables & myths, folklore or tradition, ghost stories and, melodramas
  4. 4. Some legend, myth, the nagative part of tradition andculture of particular regions aroud the world could invokethe imagination, develop into macabre stories. The Dead Grim Call Silence Reaper
  5. 5. Bunshinsaba Ju-on RingEspecially for oriental countries which are full with thesuperstitious stories of curses or ghosts who once diedunwillingly or with anger, the purpose of revenge.
  6. 6. 失その強しれ呪い。のい怨新呪。念たい 抱なに い呪触 たいれ まがだ ま生モ 死まノ んれは だる命 モ。を ノ
  7. 7. AVPR AlienHorror films are often combined with science fictionwhen the menace or monster is related to a corruptionof technology, or when Earth is threatened by aliens.
  8. 8. Another element horror films usually combine with issupernatural or unkonwn power. Under its rein,myriads of hopeless people struggle for their lives. Final Destination The Eye
  9. 9. Saw See No Evil Wrong TurnSomehow, lots of directors, especially from westerncountries, are obsessed with presentating the phenomenaof killer or insane problems, bloody and disgusting specialeffects on the dark side of soicioty.
  10. 10. Some horror films just like a Feb 29 logical or psychological test, audience always wonder how the directors split the whole story and manage to reorganize the structure with our own understading.The last breath April Fools Day
  11. 11. Horror films, however, when done well and with lessreliance on horrifying effects, might be extremelypotent film forms, tapping into our dream states, andthe horror within man himself.The ugly, selfish or cruel ego would be uncovered, aswell as the highlighting of the precious friendship,love, willingness to help, beuaty and justice.
  12. 12. Tomie MuoiWhats the definition of beauty?Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.But you are eternity and you are the mirror.
  13. 13. Get the justice of the peace, be good by doing good.Dont promise the possibility of veiling your guilt or immoralityunless nothing to be done.Forbidden floor I know what you did The Messengers last summer
  14. 14. The letter of deathD-day Show our respect to the weakers, avoid treating the necessary challange or pressure as the burden, suffering or unfairness. The Call
  15. 15. Bear in mind our ownflesh and blood, those The evil twinnearest and dearest.Feel an immensegratitude to ourparents, brothers andsisters.Hold the thankfulnesslove and care to ourchildren in our future. Slit mouthed woman
  16. 16. What is the ture love?Do you believe the faithfulness to each other or, didyou remember the vow youve said? Arang Shutter Phone
  17. 17. Open the window and look upon the brightness of touching friendship shinningDek hor through....
  18. 18. 終 わる