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Product management for entrepreneurs lsm


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Presented at Lean Startup Machine Seattle - June 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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Product management for entrepreneurs lsm

  1. 1. ProductManagementforEntrepreneursBy @stempm
  2. 2. “Beforeyou are a CEO, try being a Product Manager…” – Marc Pincus, CEO of Zynga
  3. 3. Product Manager -Entrepreneurs Mark Pincus - Zynga Jason Goldberg - TA McCann – Gist Steve Jobs – Apple
  4. 4. What is a product?- Something that can be described- Something tangible- Something you can sell
  5. 5. Whole Product Inmarketing, a whole product is a generic product (or core product) augmented by everything that is needed for the customer to have a compelling reason to buy
  6. 6. Tools P&L
  7. 7. 4+1Ps Product Placement Price Promotion Packaging
  8. 8. Ps Positioning Personas
  9. 9. Personas
  10. 10. Persona Goals Road Map Po Negotiation sit Release Pr ion ism ing Themes Prioritized Backlog
  11. 11. Positioning For [target market] Looking [to solve what problem] We offer [product & benefits] Unlike [our competitors] Who have [major weaknesses] We offer [major differentiating benefit]
  12. 12. Ls
  13. 13. Ls
  14. 14. s le Execs Sa et ing Mark Client Services mt d Mg En gin o eePr Sup ring port
  15. 15. Q&A
  16. 16. What do you need to know? Technologist would • Product ask: Manager – What do I need to would ask: build? – What do I need to sell, to which market and at what time?
  17. 17. Finding Opportunities BlueOcean, Chasm, SWOT, etc. Technology expansion cycles (electricity, phone, intranet, internet) Inventions vs. Innovation
  18. 18. Market Validation Customer Development; Customer Learning;
  19. 19. MVP Something that can be sold to a target market. Validates Positioning &4P