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In school after school programs | Camps and School Vacation Options


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STEM Champ is an international Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education improvement body that provides highly effective professional development, hands-on curriculum materials and consulting services, thus impacting a student's life from preschool through career. All of its programs are result oriented, research and inquiry based and align with National and International Standards.

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In school after school programs | Camps and School Vacation Options

  1. 1. STEM Champ is introducing various themed vacation camps for young kids where they can learn STEM superhero style. This unique summer camp program is titled “Engineering a Superhero” which is specially designed for kids of age group 6 – 8.
  2. 2. In School Programs Research shows that children are natural explorers and active participants in their own development, and that they are surprisingly sophisticated thinkers. Through a series of conceptual hands-on lessons, teachers will guide students as they learn important STEM content and investigative skills. Each unit design fosters cooperative learning and critical thinking. Teachers facilitate teamwork as students actively discuss their findings, record data and assess their understanding. STEM Champ has the power to transform even hostile schools into places of inspiration; as a community where students are intrinsically motivated, can develop collaborative behaviour and succeed academically.
  3. 3. After School Programs Designed specifically for out-of-school time, the program offers sessions that build on each other to develop a deep understanding of key STEM concepts. All of our after school programs and classes exceed STEM learning objectives and line up with topics being taught in-class. By reinforcing the message that teachers are presenting, our programs truly help foster a love of learning and a passion for STEM.
  4. 4. Vacation Camp What did you do on your vacation? When asked so, your answer in the next season could be: "I worked on a new technology!" or, "I designed my own superhero power!" or even, "I made a racing car!" STEM Champ's camp is for girls and boys who love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math who want to explore. Whether you want to spend one week or all four weeks at camp, you'll get chances to work with STEM experts in a challenging and fun environment.
  5. 5. Events STEM Champ offers interactive STEM events in India which focuses on STEM shows for kids and grown-ups. Our interactive shows provide the maximum involvement of participants in the experiments and activities. We know how to surprise and amaze people with the most spectacular and unbelievable things! So whether be it a Family / Annual day in your organization, an exhibition at your institution or an innovative birthday party at a private setting for your kids, we do it all! Only the best and the most spectacular stunts and tricks are put together in these events.
  6. 6. For all the parents / schools who would want their kids to discover the superhero in them, the STEM way, this is where you search ends. For details write to us at or call at (+91) 8880 700 900.