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Introduction to Civil Engineering - Highlighting the High Speed Rail


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"Introduction to Civil Engineering - Highlighting the High Speed Rail" is a PowerPoint for primary and secondary students that provides an overview of Civil Engineering and areas of specialization. It also highlights the High Speed Rail and careers associated with the Rail Industry. Additionally, this lesson can be paired with a "High Speed Rail Track Design" activity or "Train Traffic Control" computer simulation game.

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Introduction to Civil Engineering - Highlighting the High Speed Rail

  1. 1. Roads, Rails and Race Cars Presents: Introduction to Civil Engineering - Highlighting the High Speed Rail
  2. 2. What is Engineering? O The word engineer originates from the Latin term “ingenerare” O Meaning to invent, to create or to regulate O Engineering is the professional art of applying scientific principles to every day things to help make life easier
  3. 3. What is a Civil Engineer? O A person who improves the quality of life through the production of infrastructure O Buildings, bridges and other structures O Highways O Dams and levees O Water treatment plants, waste disposal O Infrastructure must be safe, functional, elegant and economically sound
  4. 4. Why We Need Civil Engineers O To make sure our human habitat is livable O To make sure we use resources wisely O Sustainable development O To help maintain our competitiveness in the global economy O Increase productivity
  5. 5. Specializations in Civil Engineering OStructural Engineering OConstruction Engineering OGeotechnical Engineering OWater Resources Engineering OEnvironmental Engineering OTransportation Engineering
  6. 6. Structural Engineering Nebraska State Capital Lincoln, Nebraska Burg al Arab Dubai, United Arab Emirates A self-proclaimed 7-star hotel Dubai Towers Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  7. 7. Construction Engineering Dubai’s expansion from 1991 to 2005 Eiffel Tower Paris, France Who can name this structure?
  8. 8. Geotechnical Engineering The World Islands
  9. 9. Water Resources Engineering Panama Canal Isthmus of Panama Hoover Dam Clark County Nevada - Mohave County, Arizona
  10. 10. Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineers turn disease into delicacy!
  11. 11. 1956 1936 BP Oil Spill Cleanup 2010
  12. 12. Transportation Engineering Semi trailers and roadways Airplanes, Airports and Air Traffic Controllers
  13. 13. Transportation Engineers play a large role in the Train and Rail Industry
  14. 14. High Speed Rail O One form of passenger train is called the High Speed Rail: O It is a form of transportation that uses electric trains that can travel at very high speeds O Provides a friendlier alternative than common transportation methods
  15. 15. History O 1899: German Engineers sought a high speed train O 1964: Japan capitalized on the High Speed Rail O Shinkansen …also known as the Bullet Train O Went 130 mph and carried 100 million people in first 3 years O 1981: HSR revolution began in Europe starting with France O TGV will carry 1 billion people in 20 years
  16. 16. Where are High Speed Rails? • Asia • Japan • Europe • France • Germany • Spain • North America • United States
  17. 17. Size Comparisons
  18. 18. USA High Speed Rail Regions
  19. 19. Illinois High Speed Rail O In 2010, Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) got the bid to create the railway O Since, 243 miles of track has been installed O Train will be able to go 110 mph
  20. 20. Geography of Rail Systems O What could be some things or conditions that rails could experience in different parts of the world?
  21. 21. High Speed Rail Infrastructure Terminals Tracks Stations Signals
  22. 22. Positives O Opens more space on highways and interstates O By 2035, the Midwest Network will create 42,000 jobs and generate $6.1 billion in sales O Environmentally friendly O Uses 4-5 times less carbon than an airplane O Cost is minimal
  23. 23. Problems? O Trains cannot travel at fast speeds within 30 miles of Chicago, St. Louis and other large cities O Costs a lot of money to build O Have to be able to allow trains and other types of traffic to keep flowing
  24. 24. Careers in the Rail Industry Transportation Engineer • $46,000-$53,000 • Bachelor’s Degree Diesel Mechanic • $43,000-$49,000 • HS Diploma/GED Railroad Worker • $38,000-$44,000 • HS Diploma/GED
  25. 25. Activity 1 – Rail Track Design O Determine where the track will be placed for the Illinois High Speed Rail O Have to go from Chicago to St. Louis O Have to go through at least 2 other cities O Determine the speed of the train along the final track (keep the cities and MPH zones in consideration) O Find the amount of time it will take to get from Chicago to St. Louis
  26. 26. Activity 2 – Train Traffic Controller Simulation Game O Get a laptop when instructed O Go to the website: O Complete the simulation of “Train Traffic Control” O Track the amount of money you earn O Write down totals at the end of each round O Person with the most money wins