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Geography and Infrastructure of the High Speed Rail


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"Geography and Infrastructure of the High Speed Rail" is a PowerPoint for primary and secondary students that provides an overview of the geographical components needed to be taken into consideration when determining placement of and building a high speed rail. It also highlights different infrastructural components. Additionally, this lesson can be paired with a "Train Traffic Control Computer" activity.

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Geography and Infrastructure of the High Speed Rail

  1. 1. • Transportation that uses electric trains that can travel at very high speeds • Provides a friendlier alternative than common transportation methods
  2. 2. • Asia • Japan • Europe • France • Germany • Spain
  3. 3. • The United States is in the beginning stages of making a high speed rail system • Japan already has theirs up and running • Look at the size and population differences of Japan versus the US • Important to think about the geographical differences • < Mountains • > Plain Lands
  4. 4. • In Japan, High Speed Trains (bullet trains) are called Shinkansen • The Japanese rail system acts similarly to our air system • Seating arrangement/placement • Ticket purchasing Ordinary Seat First Class Seat
  5. 5. • Online • Vending Machine • In person
  6. 6. • 1899 is when German engineers sought out the first high speed rail • Further questions… • What would be some differences between European and Japanese rails? • What would be some differences between the United States and foreign or international rails?
  7. 7. • What could be some things that rails could experience in different parts of the world? • Snow • Wind • Water
  8. 8. Dangers with High Speed Rails • What happens when a train is going too fast for a rail? • • The train in this video was going approximately 100 mph on a track that is designed for 50 mph • It was also near a platform
  9. 9. Positives with High Speed Rail
  10. 10. • Used to prevent collisions • Separate versus shared tracks
  11. 11. • There are different sizes of terminals • The larger the city, the larger the terminal • With larger terminals, more traffic control is needed
  12. 12. • Get a laptop when instructed • Go to the website: • Complete the simulation of “Train Traffic Control” • Track the amount of money you earn • Write down totals at the end of each round • Person with the most money wins