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Fluency 2


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Some phrasal verbs and idioms for the classroom

Published in: Education
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Fluency 2

  1. 1. Love English Fluency 2 1A. Match the following phrasal verbs 1-4 with the meaning A-D: 1. It was getting late when she finally showed up. 2. He had drunk too much; he passed out on the sidewalk outside the bar. 3. We used to just drop by, but they were never home, so we stopped doing that. 4. A. The runners ran out of energy before the end of the race. B. We are running out of milk. Could you buy some? A. Lose consciousness, faint. B. To arrive. C. Exhaust, supply is finished. D. To visit without appointment. 1B. Work in pairs and write sentences using the above phrasal verbs. Idiom of the week: These opera tickets cost us an arm and a leg! 1C. Work in pairs and guess the meaning of the idiom. 1D. Work in pairs and write a mini-dialogue using the idiom of the week.