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Increasing Social Relevancy


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Increasing Social Relevancy

  1. 1. Social Relevancy 8 Slides for a Quick Start
  2. 2. One / Two / Three Social Becomes Me Actions to take to bring your brand visibility up to speed digitally 1. Twitter Landing 2. Wordpress Site 3. Embrace Sharing
  3. 3. Twitter Landing Mike Germano of Carrot Creative has a killer branded Twitter page Mike’s social links [Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin] and professional e-mail address are listed here Carrot Creative Logo Following 1,000+ / 4,000+ followers. Clearly part of this community Plenty of @replies--interacting with others Honesty + Personality! Combination of professional and personal updates Integration of FourSquare into Twitter updates--social transparency and visibility Use of lists
  4. 4. Wordpress Wordpress is an easily customizable site platform Ease of use + custom theming = necessity There is no excuse for not having a site
  5. 5. Clean headings Featured work easily accessible Integration of Twitter/Flickr feed A sublime custom WordPress design by @Nakato and @bloch_party Bio and contact info Color highlights content and signifies type [photo, video, etc] Great use of vivid images as placeholders
  6. 6. 3 Great Free Themes BlueBubble Selecta Cumulus via: There are a ton of free themes that require little coding
  7. 7. Content Sharing We live in the age of sharing Allow users to embed your content Work that is not easily embeddable is far less likely to be seen Drive traffic forward by allowing embedding
  8. 8. Thanks for reading this Find me: [email_address] Tweet me: @ericjcarvalho