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Join Solavei and Save Money with Reduced or Free Mobile Service


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Get Free Mobile Service with Unlimited Talk, Data and Text

Are you paying too much for your Mobile Service? Solavei has an offer you can't afford not to take a look at.

1. FREE Smart Phone for new enrollees
2. $49 Unlimited Talk, Text & Data
3. No Contract
4. No Enrollment fee
5. Your Mobile Phone Pays you

Find out how you can get a FREE Mobile Phone and FREE Unlimited Talk, Text and Data.

Want to make money every time someone you know swipes their MasterCard? For more information go to: or contact DownsTeam at


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Join Solavei and Save Money with Reduced or Free Mobile Service

  1. 1. April 5th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureJoin Solavei and SaveMoney with Reduced orFree Mobile Service Join Solavei and Save Money Get Free Mobile Service with Unlimited Talk, Data and Text with Free Mobile Service Are you paying too much for your Mobile Service? Source: Solavei has an offer you cant afford not to take a look at. free-mobile-service/ 1. FREE Smart Phone for new enrollees You’ve been thinking, “Maybe I 2. $49 Unlimited Talk, Text & Data should join Solavei.” 3. No Contract 4. No Enrollment fee 5. Your Mobile Phone Pays you Find out how you can get a FREE Mobile Phone and FREE Unlimited Talk, Text and Data. StellarFuture, LLC So you’ve been thinking “Maybe I should join Solavei.” Well, 720-217-2148 you are not alone. Solavei has quickly become one of the worlds fastest growing Network Marketing Companies…of all time! And for good reason. Solavei offers a great product at a great price. But just who is Solavei? The Seattle start-up launched on September 21st, 2012, and utilizes T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network. According to Solavei they have aimed to: address current economic challenges and the high cost of mobile service as a new social commerce company with an affordable, contract-free mobile service that actually pays back consumers for adding new members. Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share, and capitalize on the power of social networks and Solavei’s mission is to: 1
  2. 2. April 5th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuture make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and A Better Price services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei’s initial So, Solavei offers their service at a better price. What are product offering is affordable, no-contract, unlimited you paying now for your mobile service plan? Ill wager it is voice, text, and data services throughout the United more than $49 per month. But, Solavei is in fact more than a States. great priced Mobile Phone service. It is a Social Networking Company. Instead of shelling out astronomical amounts ofAs for it’s conspicuous start – SEC filings before the company’s marketing dollars for major marketing campaigns Solaveilaunch date recorded funding coming in at more than "markets" its product via word of mouth, through Network$10 million. And, lead by former Motricity CEO Ryan Marketing, or as Solavei likes to call it - Social Networking.Wuerch (Solavei’s Founder and CEO), Solavei’s leadership Solaveis tagline is "Powered by Relationships" - a fittingis complemented by a seasoned team, to say the least. This moniker.leadership and management list includes among others theformer US Congressman Rick White as Head of Legal and And thats where almost every single Network MarketingPolicy. And among a number of investors Solavei garnered company goes wrong. They may offer a good product, eventhe contributions of Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer one people want, but they offer it at 2 to 3 times market value!at News Corp. and former CEO of AOL; David Limp, vice Sure, there is an income opportunity attached - and it is forpresident of Kindle at; and Gary Adams, an oil & that opportunity that people put down their money and join.gas executive from Oklahoma. Why else would you willingly pay 2 to 3 times more than you have to for a product? Problem is, if they dont make anyTaking a look at Solavei’s not so humble beginnings there’s money with this new business ,of course the first thing theyno question that Solavei’s entrance onto the stage came with are going to do is save money by no longer buying or using thequite a curtain draw. On one hand that is good. You need product! They know that the company is on solid ground with goodfooting. However, if you are like me the inflated hype and But ...sensationalism surrounding a product release and it’s market What if you were to offer a product that undercuts the fairintroduction is often times just too much. It can literally turn market value AND has an income building potential attached?me off and turn me right around. I won’t even take a look! Even if a person did not want to build their Solavei businessFortunately, Solavei isn’t about hype and a slick sales pitch. - theyll always want to pay less for it. Now thats a win- It’s about a product everyone uses and everyone needs – a win. (And, if a company offers the Network Marketingcell phone. Think about it. Since you purchased your first cell Opportunity as part and parcel to their service - for no extraphone, how long have you gone without one since then? cost - there is always the chance that someone else may build your business for you. This certainly should not be expectedYep, just like me, and just like everyone else, you NEVER go but I have seen this happen in a big way - even in my ownwithout a cell phone. Perhaps a time or two you lost yours, you Network Marketing Company.)broke it or were waiting for a new one (and it felt like foreveruntil it arrived or was fixed) – but those are the only times So, Solavei solves the problem:you’ve been without a mobile phone for perhaps more than justa few hours. • offer a product everyone uses every daySo, check that… Solavei offers a product EVERYONE uses and • offer it for less moneywants. • attach a money making opportunity as a bonusBut, what about the cost? So, save money yourself. Tell your friends and family how they can also save money. Make money in the process. Make money not just once, but every single month - month after month after month. Then, tell your friends and family how they can make money month after month after month. Now you have a self perpetuating business, a passive income stream, a residual income. Now you have financial freedom. Now you have time freedom. And Thats Why So Many Have Decided to Join SolaveiWhat good is a product everyone wants but no one is willingto pay the asking price for? A good product is really only That’s what makes Solavei different and why it is in fact as I“good” if it is deemed worth it’s selling price. It either has to said, one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companybe at or below the fair marker value or be such a phenomenal in history. That’s why over 100,000 people have joined Solaveiproduct that it is indeed worth more than the current going in it’s first four months. And that’s why already Solavei hasprice. Consider the cost for Solavei service. paid out over 4 Million dollars to it’s members. 2
  3. 3. April 5th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureAnd that’s why Solavei is predicting to enroll over 1 Million in, to paying that exorbitant phone bill every month for themembers in 2013 AND pay out over 50 Million to it’s members next 24 long months. Slowly, month after month goes by asin 2013! you eagerly await your freedom. Crazy thing is as soon as the prison doors are open, you take the next new shiny object theyThe truth is Solavei is growing because it is what it says it offer you, hand them back the keys, and then lie back down onis: a solid company offering a great product at a great price, your metal jailbird cot for another 2 years! Crazy . There hasa product everyone wants and uses, and they have offered it to be a way to live without that behemoth cell phone bill andwith the opportunity to make money simply by sharing it with the dreaded 2 year contract it comes wrapped around!others. Well, just $49.00 per month for unlimited text, talk and data isIf it were a product no one wanted - it would be a bad idea and not a bad start. And with NO contract to tie you down Solaveinot worth your time. offers some real stress and wallet relief... TelecommunicationIf it were a product way over priced - it would be a bad idea Freedom.and not worth your time. In an article entitled "Solavei offers unlimited,no-contractBut, it IS a product everyone wants and uses and it DOES save phone service for $49 per month" Rick Broida, a technologyyou money. writer of CNETs The Cheapskate blog and contributor toSo how do you take a good thing and make it even better? CNETs iPhone Atlas says:Well, Solavei added a money making opportunity to their "It costs me around $80 per month to operate mymoney saving product. Join Solavei and share it with others iPhone 4S, which will soon be out of contract. Whenand you can actually make money. Instead of handing over that joyous day comes, I will very likely ditch AT&Tmoney for your cell phone every month your cell phone now in favor of something like Solavei, one of a growingpays you. But, either way, even without the passive income number of companies offering cheaper, no-contractstream - it’s a true winner. mobile service." CNET.comFor just $49 per month for an unlimited voice, text and data So even the big guys - the telecommunications gurus, seeplan Solavei also offers the opportunity to earn recurring Solavei as a prime answer to the escalating costs and shacklingmonthly income just by sharing it with friends and family. contracts of the traditional Mobile Carrier offerings.You save money and then share it with others helping themsave money .... and by doing so, YOU make more money. Nota bad idea. Join Solavei and MAKE Money Join Solavei and make money? Now that sounds like an oxymoron if ever there was one. Your cell phone makes you money? Lets face it, we have all become so accustomed to spending small fortunes each month on our own mobile phone bills the idea of paying only a small monthly fee - and in fact evenJoin Solavei and SAVE Money making money with our phones - almost sounds preposterous. • Are you looking for ways to save money? But with Solavei that IS how it works. • Do you need to shave off some of your expenses? • Do you feel like you spend way too much money on your mobile phone bill? To our our own detriment we are sometimes almost unwilling • Would a little boost on the income category help out? to even give legitimate opportunities and offerings like this a • Do you have room in your life for just a little more second look. At least that was the case for me. money? Because I just dont expect to find a truly good deal out there,Perhaps you’ve already cancelled your home phone just to try in this case, I was almost blind to this one when it first staredand save some money - but you can’t get rid of your cell phone. me in the face.No way. You just need to find a way to not break the bank every But, listen to this.month with the bill!Let’s face it - none of us want to get rid of our cell phone. Our For every three people you help join Solavei you earn $20.00cell phones are indispensable these days. Paying your cellular off your already low priced monthly bill. So at just $49phone bill is not an option, its a necessary evil. Can’t live monthly, after you enroll just 9 people, you will be earningwithout the phone - but on the other hand - can’t live with $60 per month (Trio Pay)the ballooning bill. These companies get you cause you needmobile communication. Then they offer you a nice new phoneat the cost of your first born! They require you to sign a 2 Now you are getting paid by your cell phone every month!year contract! Then you are locked in, and I mean locked And thats just the beginning. It goes on and on from there! 3
  4. 4. April 5th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureJoin Solavei and you Get 4 Ways to Earn 4. You not only have the opportunity to defray costs off your current mobile bill but you can even profit from it!1. Fast Action Bonus 2. Trio-Pay 3. Path Pay 4. OneTime Path Bonus 5. We all know cell phones and so this truly is an easy, work from home business opportunity - simply by sharing itHow Did I Join Solavei? with a few other friends and family.When a childhood friend of mine emailed me about Solavei 6. Create an additional, passive, residual income stream byI was definitely not interested. Why? Because I was already sharing it part time or full time - the choice is yours.involved in another Network Marketing company (and quite Youre the boss.frankly I was doing very well and absolutely loving it!). Iwas not looking for nor interested in another MLM. Oh, I 7. Get in now at the ground level and ride the wave as thislove Network Marketing - but I was happy. My wife and I blockbuster company pushes a groundswell into a tidalhave a great team of over 1,100 distributors and in addition wave. It is coming - no doubt.another 5,000+ customers in our company. So I was in no way 8. As Solavei moves into sister markets with Internetinterested in another Network Marketing opportunity. Why Service and Satellite TV the upsell to come will beshould I be? incredibly lucrative for those already in.Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Network Marketing. In 9. Join the fastest growing Network Marketing company infact it is giving us a life of time and financial freedom we had world-wide history.never known before. We have money coming in month aftermonth no matter what we do - even when we go on a 2 or 3 10. Your friends and family will hear about it - it might asweek vacation. (But that is another story for another time.) Of well be from you. Over 100,000 members have joinedcourse we love Network Marketing! But, I wasn’t interested and over $4 Million has been paid out already. Solaveiin Solavei. "Solavei was probably overpriced and hard to sell estimates that 1 million people will be members and overanyway", I thought. Wrong. $50 Million will be paid out - just by the end of 2013. The opportunity is real. The time is now.But, I didnt know that because I wasnt listening and I wasntlooking. In fact, I was avoiding. Over the next few weeks,though, my buddy persisted. He wasnt pushy but he did send Join Solavei for the Opportunityme a few emails over the next several weeks. Finally, just to The timing could not be better. In Network Marketing thesatisfy him I told him I’d take a look. However, once I did I growth curve of the successful companies can be likenedwas hooked. to that of a Hockey Stick. The early stage of growth is best pictured by the long slow upward slope of the Hockey Stick handle. But, once the company has done all the hardWhen I Decided to Join Solavei It was a work and laid the ground work, (product testing, creating the infrastructure, early marketing expenditures, etc.) as its nameNo-Brainer recognition grows, suddenly the company hits momentum and growth catapults upward like the business end of a that sameHow could I go wrong. I was spending way too much on my Hockey Stick!phone bill with Sprint. Why not save money ... and in fact whynot make money with my cell phone. Now theres a novel idea.I immediately switched myself over to the Solavei service justto test it out. As it turns out using my phone on the Solavei (T-Mobile) service was no different than my Sprint coverage, itwas great, ... except it was a lot cheaper. Soon, I switched mycollege aged son over, then my wife and teen aged daughterfollowed soon after. I was off to a great start and already savingmoney. It really was a no-brainer. Solavei is rapidly growing. Before long my neighbors, yourJoin Solavei - You Have Absolutely neighbors, my co-workers, your co-workers, my family andNothing To Lose - And Potentially a your family will all know about Solavei. And they will be enrolling to save money and to make money.Lot to Gain They might as well hear about it from you and enroll under you, on your team, right? 1. You are Contract Free! I know from experience the power of a 1,100+ member team 2. You get full service at affordable, competitive market and a 5,000+ member customer base. It is powerful and it is pricing. liberating. That’s leveraged income. That’s passive income. And that’s really a very, very good thing. 3. The national carrier is T-Mobile - a leading cellular service provider. 4
  5. 5. April 5th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureAnd THAT is why I encourage you to "Join Solavei. There’sNO contract - so theres no risk.And oh, did I mention there is NO enrollment fee? Yes, that’sright. NO enrollment fee.If you would like to join Solavei we have a great trainingprogram and turnkey marketing tools to assist you. You willbe plugged into "done for you systems" to help automate theonline portion of your business and train you in your offlineefforts as well. Success in any endeavor takes knowledge,inspiration and the right tools. We have all of these. Yoursuccess is our success and our success is your success.The wonderful thing about your Solavei business is "You arein business for yourself but not by yourself."Our team is the number two team in all of Soalvei and soon tobe number one .Join Solavei and join team All You Can EatMobilePowerful, Done-For-You Training Tools and Resources toAutopilot Market and Grow Your Solavei Business.Thanks, and dont hesitate to call or drop me an email if youhave any questions or would like to talk with me further.Stellar Future, 5